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Find the Best DLC - Elder Scrolls Online Expansion Guide

Last time we have introduced the ESO Class Suggestions, now it's time to talk about ESO DLCs.
We all know that Elder Scrolls Online offers a lot of DLCs, which are also called expansions. Well, there are a few DLCs that are more worth getting than others. If you are completely overwhelmed by the multitude of Elder Scrolls Online DLC, or want to play a certain kind of story in the game, but dont know where to find it, here's the ESO DLC guide for you, hope you can find the best ESO DLCs.
1. Summerset (May 2018)

My first recommendation would be Summerset. By decree of Queen Ayrenn the land of High Elves is once again open to foreigners, giving you the unique opportunity to explore some of the most beautiful places out there.
Summerset is a gorgeous area. You can see fun characters, lovely locations, excellent quests/stories there, and the new skill line was built up without grinding. It can be pretty useful! The trial from this DLC also gives you some pretty good sets that are extremely good for endgame builds.
Other than that, Summerset has Psijic portals, these are basically harvesting nodes, but they glow with bright light. Opening them is like opening a master treasure chest. Also, you can find many high-quality prizes at Summerset.
2. Orsinium (November 2015)
With Orsinium DLC you will get the possibility to visit the capital of Orsimers, also known as Orcs, and aid King Kurok as he tries to rebuild the ruined city. While trying to restore the city to its former glory, you will be able to test your skills on the Maelstrom Arena, a new type of solo challenge that offers amazing rewards for those who will be able to complete it and defeat the last boss on veteran difficulty. If you are more of a party-guy, however, you will be glad to hear that there are also two new public dungeons to explore.
It's a great story, sort of functions as an "introduction" to the events of Morrowind and Summerset - also offers a lot of unlockable cosmetics. It may give you the most bang for your buck.
3. Thieves Guild (March 2016)

If you want to be a criminal character, you can not miss the Thieves Guild. It's a very interesting place. Once you download and join the Thieves Guild DLC, you will venture into Hew’s Bane and explore the rich town of Abah’s Landing in Hammerfell. You must confront the corrupt merchant lords of the port who are fighting your guild for power.
Additionally, you will be able to participate in daily heist missions and do other criminal activities. And if that wasn’t enough, there is also a completely new 12-player Trial that only waits to be mastered.
4. Murkmire (October 2018)

Murkmire has a decent story and really cool lore, it will take you to the bogs and muddy places right in the homeland of Argonian race. If you like the lizard-like Argonians, this will be a fun ESO DLC to get. It is a must-buy for gamers who are after more ESO lore.
Explore the jungle and face new dangerous challenges in form of Blackrose Prison, a 4-player arena designed to test your skills once more. Bring your friends and see if you can handle it – new item sets will be awarded for the worthy ones. Start your journey and collect the unique loot hidden in the mossy ruins.
5. Dark Brotherhood (May 2016)

Dark Brotherhood is fun if you really like Oblivion's DB questline or you played TES IV or V before. You can learn completely new skills and follow the path of the greatest assassins in Tamriel.
It is in the Gold Coast in Western Cyradiil, promising a rich world for players to explore. The story around the Brotherhood is intriguing, promising you an addicting combination of action and lore! Enjoy one battle after another and level up as quickly as you want. It’s safe to say that this is one killer DLC.
6. Imperial City (August 2015)

Imperial City is the first ESO DLC that comes with various new additions, such as new dungeons and craftable item sets. It's interesting and challenging the first time around. Your ultimate pursuit is to find and recover the stolen Elder Scroll. There are Daedric overlords to deal with along the way, so make sure that your character is well-equipped with high-level weapons and armor.
One of the most intriguing things introduced by The Imperial City, however, is the new currency called Tel Var Stones. These are special items you can use to purchase certain armor sets and other kind of unique stuff. The more stones you currently have, the higher the multiplier, allowing you to find even more of them.
PS: especially recommended if you wanna make a meta Werewolf build.
7. Morrowind (June 2017)

Morrowind is a great zone though some people may say it's PURELY based on nostalgia.


Taking place long before the events from the original Morrowind, it lets you experience an entirely new story that focuses on the Vivec City – help a demi-god and save the city from being destroyed by an incoming meteor. The expansion pack also introduces a new playable class that has a strong connection with nature and can use the help of War Bear ally in combat.


If your game starts in Morrowind based on your character choices, it will automatically unlock the Vvardenfell area. You must help Lord Vivec and his city to stop the red moon from crashing down. However, you would still have to purchase it as an expansion if you have the older version of Elder Scrolls

8. Clockwork City (October 2017)

Clockwork City is very interesting to play if you care about the story! It is truly a wonder to behold as you may have seen, and there are so many more exciting quests that you will do if you get this ESO DLC. You will fight the villain Sotha Sil (gonna need a large number of ESO Gold) and stop his plans of ruling all of Tamriel. It’s one of the vilest Deadric Threats, and Sotha Sil is also one of the most dangerous Deadric Prince in the region. You will also gain access to a 12-player trial so you can try exploring this wonderful but terrifying city with your friends. Moreover, you will receive so many new items like armor sets.
Now, investigate this new Daedric threat and collect new gear as you progress, making your hero even more powerful than ever! Once you are ready, don’t forget to try your skills at Clockwork Saints, a new Trial with its own unique rewards for the worthy players.
9. Dragon Bones (February 2018)

Dragon Bones' aesthetic and sets are great, and it's very challenging. This DLC will let you venture into Fang Lair, where a necromancer threat is rising.
In Dragon Bones, a plague will be unleashed in addition to the intense combat you will be facing. The Necromancers have an evil plan and that is to bring a Bone Dragon back from extinction. You need to put an end to this insanity by entering dungeons, Fang Lair and Scalecaller Peak, and battling their guards and the boss trying to bring the dragon to life.
10. Elsweyr (June 2019)

Elsweyr has necromancers, Akaviri, AND alfiq! Besides that, the story-wise is very good, certain things make more sense if you play this after completing the main story. The region itself is a decent size and offers many things to do, such as dragon hunts.
In Elsweyr you will help the Khajiit as they face the monstrous dragons invading their homeland. You must save them from the devastation they are facing against these huge, scaly creatures and help them win the war. If you fancy yourself to be a dragonslayer, this is a great ESO DLC for you to get!
I don’t know if you noticed, these best DLCs all have one thing in common: the presence of a good story as well as the richness of the world itself. While some of the DLCs are great for those who are seeking action, adventure seekers are better off getting the DLCs that offer an extension of The Elder Scrolls’ iconic rich lore.
Don't forget, having enough Elder Scrolls Online Gold is also important, it will enhance your game experience to the fullest. Buy ESO Gold may be a little more expensive than the dungeon-type expansions, but it’s an investment worth making.