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Path of Exile Crafting Guide

Crafting in Path of Exile (POE) is a high-value skill crucial to your character's development. It involves creating and modifying items to fit your build better and improve your play experience. This guide will help you better understand the nuances of crafting in POE, giving you insights on methods, item level importance, and other techniques.

What is the best crafting method in POE?

The best crafting method in POE can be subjective, depending on your game's objectives, available resources, and risk tolerance. The following are the three crafting methods that are commonly mentioned as being the most effective: the Alteration Method, the Chaos Spamming Method, and the Essence Crafting Method.

PoE Alteration Method

The Alteration Method is perfect for beginners because of its simplicity and low resource requirements. This method involves using Orb of Alteration on a magic item until the desired mods appear. Most people use this method to craft endgame viable items using as minimal resources as possible. Keep in mind this method might be time-consuming, depending on the rarity of the mods you are looking for.

PoE Chaos Spamming Method

The Chaos Spamming Method is a high-risk, high-reward method suitable for more daring players. Here, you use a Chaos Orb on a rare item repeatedly until you get the desired combination of mods. This method can yield excellent results but also requires a significant investment in Chaos Orbs.

PoE Essence Crafting Method

The Essence Crafting Method guarantees a specific mod on your items using an Essence. Essences come in different tiers and can provide a wide range of mods that may be rare or otherwise difficult to achieve. This method is especially useful for players who are looking for a specific mod.

What is the best item level for crafting POE?

In Path of Exile, the item level is a crucial factor in crafting. It determines the potential affixes that can be applied to an item during crafting. The higher the item level, the broader the pool of affixes. However, higher doesn't always mean better.

In general, the best item level for crafting is relative to the specific mods you are seeking. If you're after low to mid-tier mods, you don't need over leveled items. However, if you're crafting high-end, endgame gear with top-tier mods, you might need items with an item level of 83 or higher.

Remember to always assess the mods you want in comparison to an item's mod pool. The greater the item level, the greater the mod pool, thus reducing the chance of getting desired mods.

Basic PoE crafting methods

1.Currency Crafting: This basic method uses different currency items like Orb of Enhancement or Chromatic Orb directly on gear pieces to modify their properties.

2.Vendor Recipes: Here, you exchange specific sets of items for specific results from vendors. For instance, you can trade a full set of rare gear for a variety of PoE orbs.

3.Master Crafting: After unlocking crafting benches in your hideout, you can use them to add mods to your items.

Advanced PoE crafting methods (Continued)

1.Meta-crafting: This is enabled by crafting benches and uses special meta-crafting mods to influence the outcome of other crafting methods. These mods are unlocked by leveling up the player's master and are necessary for high-end, endgame crafting.

2.Fossil Crafting: By using fossils inside resonators, you can craft items with specific mods. This method is considered more advanced due to the fossils' rarity and cost.

3.Influence Crafting: Certain items in the game are inherently influenced, meaning they can have special mods not obtainable by usual craft. These items are extremely rare and can lead to powerful crafts. However, crafting with these items can be a gamble, as you might accidentally overwrite the influence mod.

Quality and Sockets

PoE Crafting isn’t just about obtaining the right mods or high stats, it's also about perfecting an item in all its facets. This includes maximizing the item quality and crafting sockets. Quality increases the effectiveness of an item, and there are multiple ways to enhance it.
Items can have up to six sockets, and the links between these sockets will determine how your skills interact. Therefore, crafting the right number of links and sockets on your gear is a foundational part of crafting.

Scouring and Regal Orbs

Scouring Orbs and Regal Orbs can be potent tools in your crafting arsenal. A Scouring Orb can remove all mods from an item, essentially bringing it back to its base state. This is useful when you've made a mistake or you don't like the direction your crafting is going.

On the other hand, Regal Orbs upgrade a magic item to a rare item by adding a new random mod. It's used to refine crafts by adding additional stats without significantly altering the item's existing mods.

Affix Management When Crafting

Crafting in Path of Exile involves the strategic addition of affixes to gear through orbs, with affixes coming in two types: prefixes and suffixes. Each item can have up to three prefixes and three suffixes, meaning managing these affixes is a key aspect of successful crafting.

Understanding the types of mods and whether they are a prefix or a suffix plays a significant role in managing affixes. A well-crafted item will often balance between the two affix types, combining them to enhance the item's overall power and functionality based on the player's needs.

Affixes can also be locked, removed, or replaced using different types of currency or master crafts, providing a higher degree of control over crafting outcomes. For instance, the 'Scouring' Orb can remove all affixes, while the 'Exalted' Orb can add a new affix to a rare item.

Effective affix management will help players achieve the right balance of mods for their gear, thereby optimizing character builds. However, it invariably involves trial and error, along with a sound understanding of POE's itemization mechanics. Always remember that detailed knowledge of affixes and a strategic approach to adding or removing them can make all the difference in your crafting endeavors.

Crafting Bench: A useful tool

The crafting bench, available in your hideout, is a highly advantageous tool. It can guarantee certain mods on your items for a specified cost, ensuring results with zero randomness involved. If you find the complexity of crafting overwhelming initially, your crafting bench can help enhance your gear reliably.

Crafting in Path of Exile is both an art and a science, combining knowledge, strategy, and a bit of luck. Mastering it will open up new possibilities in your gameplay and give you an edge over your adversaries. Happy crafting, Exile!