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There’s already hint that Samurai will come to Stormblood? 2017-01-24

Two new jobs will be added to the next expansion of FFXIV in June and one has been confirmed--the Red Mage. The other one, among the most highly expected, could be Blue Mage or Samurai.Dataminers have ...

The Blade & Soul Blade Dancer in Party Play 2015-12-16

The newly released class in Blade and Soul - Blade Dance - is available now! As I wrote the last guide about this new class, it focuses on dealing Lighting and Wind these two types of damage. Unlike t ...

Blade Dancer is newly released as Blade & Soul Class 2015-12-15

NCsoft has undertook to release a class in Blade & Soul every other week. Now this week Blade Dancer is released as Blade & Soul new Class.Below is a video for overview of Blade Dancer.The Bla ...