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There’s already hint that Samurai will come to Stormblood?

Two new jobs will be added to the next expansion of FFXIV in June and one has been confirmed--the Red Mage. The other one, among the most highly expected, could be Blue Mage or Samurai.

Dataminers have been combing through the Final Fantasy XIV v3.5 patch notes and have found an intriguing hint (Jobsam) that the Samurai job may be coming as part of the Stormblood expansion later this year. (read more here) If this is true, then those who are hoping for Blue mage would be a little disappointed.

While some players think Yoshi-P is known as a troller especially about Samurai. He's talked about it in dozens of interviews, had the name "Samurai" come up in several quests within the game, specifically mentioned it during events, live letters and said how he wanted to implement it... Even the main villain of Stormblood is a Samurai trained in Rabanastre. He also specifically said they'll add Samurai in the future when confirming that it was between Dark Knight and Samurai for Heavensward when they were planning classes and for Samurai fans to please look forward to it.

Is this one of his trolls? So far no other information has been found but it is possible that more will be revealed in the very near future.