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Blade Dancer is newly released as Blade & Soul Class

NCsoft has undertook to release a class in Blade & Soul every other week. Now this week Blade Dancer is released as Blade & Soul new Class.

Below is a video for overview of Blade Dancer.

The Blade Dancer is a true hybrid Class. On one hand, it has the Force Master’s elemental focus and stacking buffs. On the other hand, it takes the Blade Master’s stances and damage. It is a class exclusive to the Lyn race, therefore it takes the advantage of their small stature to eke out powerful damaging abilities. It focuses on operative to avoid damage as Blade Dance is lack of the crowd control of the Force Master or the solid defensiveness of the Blade Master.

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There are two primary elemental damage types - Lighting and Wind each of which has a particular stance- for the Blade Dancer. Basic Stance has skills to build Wind Focus which add extra damage to certain skills when consumed and boost the attack speed of others. Draw Stance uses Lightning-related abilities but relies on Electric Surge which can generate Electric Focus, which can increase critical rating and allow use of specific skills.The Blade Dance has access to Phantom Grip just like the Force Master.