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Top 10 Most Impactful Story Moments in Final Fantasy XIV

There are a lot of self-proclaimed "lore experts" who will stubbornly argue for the superiority of the plotlines of any Final Fantasy installation that isn't an MMO. Final Fantasy XIV is one, however.

And while MMO's in general get a lot of hate for their shallow depth of storytelling, we at SSEGold are here to tell you why that's false in the case of FFXIV, with our list of the Top 10 Most Impactful Story Moments in Final Fantasy XIV (in no particular order).

Without further ado, let's hop right in!

Meeting the Developers

There may be quite a few of you reading this who had no idea that this existed, because this was, in fact, a limited time event.

After talking to this ominous Bard, you are transported to an area where in-game versions of the game developers are working! Yoshi-P tips his metaphorical hat to the player and lets you know that the game couldn't happen without you. How cute.

This was a unique and refreshing quest that broke the fourth wall while giving us subtle inside information of Storm blood as well. A golden moment!

The Waking Sands Massacre

You just fought the primal Titan and are relieved to be heading back to your base of operations, The Waking Sands, a place where you could feel safe, even if just for a while.

And to come back and find dead bodies strewn about the place sent shivers down my spine. You find out that the Scions and Minfilia have been kidnapped by the Garlean Empire, proving to be a major twist in the narrative.

Ysayle's Sacrifice

When Ysayle, Lady Iceheart, confronts you, the Warrior of Light at the beginning of Heavensward, a unique sort of bond was created between the two of you after you both acknowledge that you share a common goal, while also opening up about her past.

And this is what writers love doing, killing off characters just when we start liking them the most, ugh!

When the Warrior of Light and company try to breach Azys Lla's barrier, Ysayle, for the final time, transforms into Shiva, managing to disable the Garlean airship enough for it to cease their pursuit of the Enterprise, while she falls to her death, getting ravaged by cannon fire.

King Thordan

This entry could have separate mention in a 'coolest boss fights' list as well, because it's frickin' badass!

The battle against King Thordan has to be the most fitting ending to an amazing expansion like Heavensward. The music playing during the fight gave me goosebumps all over, especially when King Thordan calls out his knights during the Knights of the Round summon.

Every time I replay the game, I find myself conflicted, because I don't want the main story to end, but I really want to play through the King Thordan fight as well! First-world problems, am I right?

Death of Haurchefant 89

At the end of A Realm Reborn, when everyone ostracized and abandoned you, it was Haurchefant who was there for you, comforting you and even offering to take you into his family.

He was the bastard son of House Fortemps, not even being offered the privileges his brothers got, and yet, he was the nicest dude you came across. All of this only led to making his death even sadder.

As Ser Zephirin secretly readies a spear of from afar, Haurchefant notices him when the spear is launched at you. Haurchefant, in an attempt to save you, blocks the spear with his shield, but it manages to pierce through and into his torso.

Haurchefant falls down, and on his dying breath, he tells you to smile, as a smile better suits a hero, finally passing away.

God Kefka

Veteran Final Fantasy players, you read a familiar name? The giant menace from Final Fantasy VI made his grand entry in FFXIV: Stormblood, and boy, was it worth the wait!

Appearing in the Sigmascape raid content, Kefka is a challenging boss fight that will satisfy older players and greenhorns alike, as he's just so freakin' cool to fight against, while also providing fan-service to us veteran players. And if you're playing in Savage difficulty, I wish you the best of luck against God Kefka.

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Killing a Friend

The story of Tesleen, till it reaches its conclusion, is ironic, yet poetic at the same time, and is something that never fails to grip my heart.

Unlike her mother, who died right before turning into a Sin Eater, Tesleen actually transforms into one after trying to defend a corrupted boy from her inn getting stabbed by the Sin Eater.

Later, in Holminster Switch, the Wariior of Light and company face off against Tesleen, where we kill off a friend we once knew. And to think that all she wanted was for us to escort her back to her inn.

A Finale Reborn

I talked about the ending of Heavensward and how cool it was, but the final cut scene of a Realm Reborn is in a league of its own.

Our entire crew is presumed dead, Raubhan gets imprisoned after losing an arm while the player is accused of killing the Sultana through poisoning.

A climax filled with drama, treachery, and betrayal, I was left on the edge of my seat the entire time. This was a cliffhanger in its truest sense, as I was so anxious to know what happens next, but I had to painstakingly wait for Heavensward to release.

The Hilarious Hildibrand

I love Hildibrand, and his quest-line in Storm blood was easily one of the best parts of the expansion for me.

The adventures of this ridiculous detective continue, while also giving you the opportunity to unlock the Manderville Mambo dance emote. How is this something that you can miss out on?! The fact that this is optional content blows my mind, because everyone needs to experience this.

This is a quest-line that begins at level 50, and you can get more FFXIV Gil if you want. So you have no excuse to not start it right away!

Ardbert to the Rescue

Square Enix really hits the bulls eye when it comes to climaxes, huh? Shadow bringers' climax scene is breathtaking, and I remember getting teary-eyed because of how satisfying it was.

When squaring off with Emet Selch at the end, beginning to see the Warrior of Light lose control of his actions, struggling as light starts to emanate from him, you hear a familiar voice.

Ardbert merges with your character in that moment as he speaks through you, saving your character from being corrupted by the Light. The music crescendos to a chilling high, concluding the fight as the characters come together, charging up Ether to take down Emet Selch once and for all.

And that's our list for the top 10 most impactful moments in the story of Final Fantasy IV. Enjoyed our content? Browse through our website for more!

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