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How to Unlock the Horse Mount in Diablo 4

Diablo IV, one of the 10 Best Open World Games in 2023, offers a thrilling adventure filled with demons, loot, and epic battles. In this guide, we'll dive into the exciting realm of horse mounts, revealing how to unlock and make the most of these noble companions. Saddle up and let's ride into the action!

How to unlock horse mount in Diablo IV?

To saddle up and feel the wind in your virtual hair, you'll need to complete a quest called "Mount: Donan's Favor." Now, don't go thinking you can bypass this bad boy, 'cause it's locked until you reach Act IV: A Gathering Storm. That means you gotta power through the first half of the game and make it to the desert biome before you can embark on your horsey adventures.

To get a taste of what lies ahead, you might wanna check out how many acts Diablo IV has in store for you. It'll give you a hint of the excitement awaiting you. But hey, once you've unlocked the mount for one character, it's like unlocking it for all your other characters too. Sweet deal, right?

Now, here's the good news: you can totally focus on the main story and blaze through the first three acts to unlock the open world exploration on horseback. Once you've gained access to "Mount: Donan's Favor," all you gotta do is hoof it back to the north of Kyovashad and have a chitchat with Oskar, the stable master extraordinaire.

Oskar's got a stable filled with a variety of horses, including some special ones for folks who splurged on the Deluxe edition, like the magnificent Temptation Mount. Plus, you'll have a few options to customise your trusty steed. You can pimp out your horse with fancy saddles and armour, making it the most stylish and envy-inducing mount in all of Diablo Land. But hey, keep in mind, these upgrades are mostly for show and won't affect your horse's performance.

Once you're all set, Oskar will give you the lowdown on how these majestic creatures work. And then, my friend, you're off! You'll be tearing through the map at breakneck speed, leaving your enemies in the dust. Just remember, though, if you wanna throw down in combat, you'll have to dismount. Horses may be fast, but they're not exactly skilled in the art of swordplay.

Oh, and did I mention these trusty steeds have bursts of speed? Yup, that's right! You can hit the turbo button and zoom across the land in a flash. It's perfect for evading a gang of baddies or simply cruising through the map faster than a fireball from a sorcerer's wand.

How to customise your horse mount in Diablo IV?

Now, hold onto your potions, 'cause customization comes at a cost. You'll need some in-game gold to get your hands on those sweet cosmetic items. Luckily, the Stable Masters in the bustling hubs marked by Waypoints have got your back. Just head on over and browse through their selection. You can spend that hard-earned D4 gold on some epic horse bling to make your mount the envy of Sanctuary!

But wait, there's more! If you're craving even more customization options, keep your eyes peeled for the Diablo 4 store and the seasonal battle pass. Those bad boys offer additional Diablo 4 items that can take your mount's style to a whole new level. So, get ready to splurge a bit and turn your horse into the most legendary ride in all of Diablo-dom!

Now, here's a nifty tidbit: you might get lucky and stumble upon horse customization items while exploring. Yep, chests, rare enemies, and world bosses sometimes drop these bad boys. You can stash these magical goodies in your inventory and then unleash their awesome effects with the help of the Stable Master. Talk about upgrading your horse game!

Oh, but hold on tight, my PvP thrill-seekers, 'cause there's a special treat for you! If you're willing to dabble in some Diablo 4 PvP action, the Stable Masters in the towns near the Fields of Hatred have a different deal for you. Instead of gold, they're all about Red Dust. This rare resource is like the holy grail of customization. To earn it, you'll need to collect Seeds of Hatred from the defeated monsters in the player versus player zones.

Once you've got those bad boys, head over to the Altar of Extraction sites and smash 'em into Red Dust. Trade that shiny Red Dust with the Stable Masters for some seriously wicked cosmetic items. It's the perfect way to show off your PvP prowess while giving your horse mount an extra dose of awesomeness!

How to use horse mount in Diablo IV?

To mount up, simply press the Z key on your keyboard or the right d-pad button if you're rocking a controller. Your trusty steed brings forth a new set of mount-specific abilities, including the exhilarating Evade skill. With three bursts of blazing speed, you'll leave your enemies in the dust and experience the thrill of lightning-fast traversal across Sanctuary.

But that's not all! Each class in Diablo IV boasts its own unique mount skill. This powerful ability allows you to swiftly dismount, ready to unleash devastating attacks with epic area-of-effect potential. Imagine the awe-inspiring sight of launching into battle, leaving a trail of destruction in your wake.

However, keep an eye on your horse's emotional well-being. While your mount won't meet a permanent demise, it can get spooked and abandon you. The small bar above your mount's avatar gradually fills when surrounded by foes. Once it reaches its peak, you'll be temporarily dismounted and face a frustrating cooldown before summoning your loyal companion again.

Pro tip: If you sense your horse getting jittery, hit the dismount key and save yourself the trouble.

And there you have it, fellow adventurers! You now hold the key to unlocking and customising your majestic horse mount in Diablo IV. So, hop on that saddle, feel the wind in your hair, and journey through Sanctuary like a true champion. For more epic Diablo IV tips, including a Diablo 4 fast leveling guide, keep exploring and conquering the realms of this exhilarating game. Happy riding and may your adventures be legendary!