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Diablo IV: The Tips and Tricks For Fast Leveling

With the new Diablo franchise game coming out, many players will be pleased to know that developers managed to maintain the dark and gothic atmosphere while remodeling the skill and leveling system. Diablo IV provides an impeccable ARPG hack-and-slash experience enriched by intricate Talent Trees and limitless options in the vast Open World; however, reaching the endgame fast and efficiently and keeping up with the gear updates may cause some a headache or two. In this guide, we will show you step by step what is the fastest way to level up without neglecting other aspects of the game and share our tips and tricks you might find useful along the way.

Choosing The Right Class and Skills

Undeniably, the first step on your Diablo journey is to choose the right class that will suit your gameplay and carve easily through the enemies. With the new Talent Tree system, it is rather easy to customize any class into a murder machine; however, some classes may encounter more struggles than others. For instance, despite Druid's adaptability, this class simply does not slay the monsters as easily as, for example, Twisting Blades-based Rogue.
If you want to level up fast, your overall focus in your Skill Tree should be laid on the damage. That will amplify your ability to cut through enemies fast and effectively.

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To help you maximize the potential of your class, here are the tips for leveling each class:


Focus on skill points connected to Twisting Blades abilities; this build will provide you with great AOE damage.


A great option is to follow the path of Lightning-based abilities; such a build offers decent crowd control with a low cost of Mana.


Making Lunging Strike and Upheaval your main abilities results in high survivability and big busts of damage.


If you concentrate your skill points on Tornado or Storm Strike, you will receive, in return, solidly balanced damage with crowd control.


By using Blood Surge as a fundamental ability with Corpse Explosion and Minion Army, your character can prove very powerful even in the early game.
If you are wondering, which class would be our personal pick as the best to level up, we are strongly inclined towards Sorcerer and Necromancer, as they seem to offer a great balance between challenge and satisfying field dominance.

Diversity Is The Key

Although following the Main Campaign seems like a straightforward way to level up, completing all the Main Story Quests will not be sufficient to reach the final level, and traveling between points takes considerable time. Instead of settling for a simple and repetitive method, we encourage you to incorporate more events and aspects into your leveling plan for ultimate efficiency.

The activities, apart from the Main Story Quests that cannot be missing on your leveling agenda are: 


Not only is it a great source of experience, but it also can grant you some valuable gear.

●Side Quests and Local Events

While on the mission, pick up all the Side Quests and participate in Local Events marked by orange circles.  At the end of the local event, collect your treasure. Both Side Quests and Local Events will reward you with lots of experience and take significantly less time than you might expect.

●Renown Tasks and Strongholds

You can earn Renown by completing Side Quests, Dungeons, and other small events. Upon unlocking, each new level of Renown gives you a considerably large amount of experience.
Defeating enemies at Stronghold will earn you 100 Renown and a plethora of experience. So if you stumble across a Stronghold, make sure to clear it out.

●Playing with Friends

Did you know that multiplayer grants you an experience boost? Although it is only a 5% experience bonus, if you play with your friends on a regular basis, this bonus is quite worthwhile. Also, defeating enemies proves to be far quicker.

●Killing all Enemies, you come across, especially Elites

We do not support mindless grinding; however, if the opportunity withstand, make sure to slay the monster that comes your way. By killing all enemies while traveling between points, you can acquire a substantial amount of experience. After defeating Elites, your character will receive extra experience and possibly a nice gear upgrade.

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Things You Might Not Know…

Although you already have a good recipe for the fastest way to reach level 50, we would like to add some extra tips to sweeten the deal:

Select harder World Tier

It might seem like a drawback; however, the higher difficulty, the greater your reward. We do not recommend choosing the highest difficulty, as the game might turn from enjoyable to frustrating very quickly. But if you are an experienced Diablo player, take upon the greater challenge; the game will repay all your efforts in experience and loot.

Stack your Buffs

Some camps and holds have a campfire which grants you a bonus experience Buff upon interaction. You can stack this Buff up to fifteen times. 

Unlock all Altars of Lilith

By unlocking the Altar of Lilith, you will receive extra Renown points and a minor bonus on damage, so make sure to not to skip any of the Altars.

Salvage your Gear to get immediate Upgrades

The Diablo world scales up according to your character level, so it is very useful to always seek better gear to make your character ready for upcoming encounters. By salvaging the items you find in Dungeons or Open World, you may gather all the resources you need for upgrades of your gear and therefore ensure your equipment is up to par for the current game difficulty.

Collect the World Resources

The easiest way to gain a boost on your character is through means of Alchemy. You can collect herbs throughout the World while on missions or exploration, and create potions and elixirs that will grant you bonuses on resistances, gained experience, or even armor increase. All you need to do is to be on the lookout for herbs such as Biteberry, Blightshade, Angelbreath, and Lifespan.


Although leveling up in Diablo IV is often characterized as a long process filled with grinding, if you are willing to dive into Dungeons with friends and complete all tasks and quests along the way of the main story, we guarantee that you will reach the final level way sooner than you think. We hope our tips and strategies for fast leveling were helpful and wish you the best of luck in your leveling endeavor. Should you find yourself stuck or struggling, feel free to check out our store, where we provide a boost on D4 gold and more for various games. Happy hunting, and we’ll see you in Sanctuary.