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Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers – Guide to Glamour

What is Glamour? How do you unlock it? What exactly is the Glamour Dresser? I will discuss all of these topics, to make understanding this now wonderful feature, easier.

What is Glamour?

Two words: Vanity system. Veterans of the franchise will know that Glamour use to be more of an endgame 'hobby', if one can call it that. Since it was launched in Patch 2.2, it was a very 'basic' (and in my opinion, not fully-thought through) addition to the game – only featuring around 40 items. With the launch of A Realm Reborn, Glamour was updated and integrated into the game more ever than before.

So, what exactly is the Glamour system and how does it work? Well, have you ever heard of cosmetics, skins, ornaments or transmog? These are all exactly like Glamour, but are terms used in other games such as Destiny and Diablo. Simply put, Glamour allows you to change the appearance of an item to that of another item. Pretty neat right? Many times, you might come across an item with great stats but it looks horrible. With Glamour, you can change the way that item looks!

Note: (All visible gear such as weapons, shields, armor, earrings, and rings can be changed. If you don't want to farm these FFXIV Items, you can totally spend some money and buy them!)

How does Glamour work exactly?

Ok, starting off… there are a few things you should know about the Glamour system as it isn't as straight forward like in games such as Diablo where you can visit the transmog vendor and pay a few thousand to change the appearance. You need to unlock the ability to use it first.

Why do games always force us to unlock cool things that should be part of the 'base game'? Many of you might have already completed this quest but for those new or returning players – there is a quest that can be picked up by an NPC called Swyrgeim (Players need to be higher than level 15. She can be found at Western Thanalan (X:12.6 Y:14.3). The quest's name is called 'If I Had A Glamour'.

Man, if I had a penny for every time a quest resembles this phrase…Anyway, back to the topic at hand…Once completed you will receive the general action Cast Glamour. All you need to do now is simply use the Cast glamour action and a window will pop up. Choose the item you want to change the appearance of on the left and then select the item you want it to look like on the right and confirm. It's that easy. Or is it? Remember I said there are a few things you should know? Well, here are some of those things:

1) Changing the appearance does not change the stats of the item in anyway.

2 )If you Cast Glamour on an item that already has dye on it, the dye will carry over.

3) You cannot Cast Glamour over an already changed item. You first need to remove the old appearance using a Glamour Dispeller. (Once the Glamour Dispeller is used, it will be consumed.)

4) A Glamoured appearance will only show when worn by a class that can normally wear the item. For example, don't expect your Warrior to be able to look like he's a Gunbreaker.

5) The Glamour system can only be used on gear that is the same level or lower equipment level than your current gear.

6) Changing the appearance of an item costs x1 Glamour Prism. (These can be crafted, bought from the marketplace or from one of the Grand Companies for 200 Grand Company Seals.)

7) To change the dye (color) of an item you also need to unlock it, you can do so via the quest 'Color Your World', which is also obtained by Swyrgeim.

Take an awesome looking item you already have and turn it into a Glamour!

This, dear readers, is where the Glamour Dresser comes into play. Where can you find them, you ask? As with anything, you guessed it, you will need to unlock the ability to use them first. Collect the quest 'Absolutely Glamourous' from Swyrgeim. Thankfully, it's an extremely easy quest which involves you picking up orange juice from an NPC and giving it to him. Once done, you'll be able to access the Glamour Dresser at the inn rooms in any one of the major cities. (Gridania, Ul'dah, Limsa Lominsa, Ishgard, Kugane, Crystarium). Think of the Glamour Dresser as more of a 'book' which allows you to store your outfit sets and can convert owned gear items into Glamour.

What does this magical dresser of wonders do? Well, it has 2 functions.

1) Glamour Dressers can transform your gear into Glamour. These Glamours are then stored in the dresser. You can 'register' the look of an item in exchange for x1 Glamour Prism. After that, the item will enter the available Glamour list (like a Wikipedia for Glamour) and will be usable in Glamour Plates infinitely. You can also apply items from the Armoire to a Glamour Plate with the Open Armoire button.

Things to keep in mind when changing items into Glamour.

● Doing so, costs x1 Glamour Prism.

● This one is very important so pay attention to this. Changing an item into Glamour will 'convert' the item into Glamour and that gear piece can then not be used, unless it is restored.

● Glamours stored in the dresser cannot be applied to adventurer squadron NPC's.

● There are some gear items that cannot be converted into Glamour.

● Only gear items with 100% durability can be stored in the Dresser.

2) Another function of the Glamour Dresser is the creation of Glamour Plates. (Glamour, Glamour Prisms, Glamour Dispeller, Glamour Dresser…all these terms…what's next? It might be a lot to take in, but once you've used the system its easy as 1+1.). The Glamour Plates system acts pretty much like a 'loadout'. It lets you form a whole outfit and apply it all at once to whatever you're wearing. You enter the appearance of each item you want to be part of your set. Once you've created a full set, you can save the Glamour Plate at the bottom of the window.

Forming sets don't consume any Glamour Prisms, because you already spent them when you 'converted' the items in the Glamour Dressers. You are able to store a total of 15 Glamour Plates so store sets you might use often. Once this is done, you can apply and change your whole appearance simultaneously.

I've been playing around with the Glamour system for quite some time and have come up with some very nice-looking outfit loadouts. The game is just so much more fun to play when your character looks like a million dollars, or like someone ready to lay waste to dungeon bosses. It's a thoroughly enjoyable 'past time' activity.

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