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FFXIV Masked Carnival Guide (Stage 1 to 30)

Welcome to this on-demand Final Fantasy XIV Masked Carnival Guide where I’ll explain you everything stage by stage from 1 to 30. This guide will include insider-secrets that are gonna help you not only in completing the stages effectively but in saving yourself from getting kills too.

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So, I say we put the chit-chat aside and jump right into the matter, huh?

Stage 1: All’s well that starts well

In the first stage of Carnival, you get to face three enemies: Two Slimes and One knight. All the slimes can do is poison you so avoid getting in contact with those, you have no other danger. Knight will use his basic frontal AoE’s.

You can line them up and take them down all at once. Just try to avoid getting in contact with the slimes and don’t be in front of the knight or else you’re dead meat.

Stage 2: Much Ado about Pudding

You need ‘Glower’ and ‘Water Cannon’ for this stage. You will face three slimes in this stage and the only object of this stage is to teach you about the importance of using elements and weaknesses.

Face only one slime at a time. Start with the earth slime because he takes the most amount of time to get killed. Finish the first slime and the rest of them will be a piece of cake for you. Keep shooting the moves and you’ll get the “Act Complete” pop up.

Stage 3: Waiting for Golem

The requirement for this stage is ‘Water Canon’ but I recommend you use ‘Flying Sardine for Safety’. That is because the Golem is water weak, so Glower ain’t of no use.
Golem uses the frontal AoE’s but he’s is a bit slow, so you can stay very close to him and when he is about to make a move, just slide to his back between his legs. When he loses enough HP, he’ll gain new attacks; Earthen Attack which is a circular AoE from his position, and a Circular fire puddles that will be aimed at your position. Don’t try to stop them, just keep dodging and dealing damage until the Golem collapses.

Stage 4: Gentlemen Prefer Swords

This Stage Requires ‘Glower’, ‘Water Wind’ and ‘Flying Sardine for Safety’ but I recommend ‘Plain Cracker’ and ‘Bomb Toss’. This stage is twofold. The first half contains three enemies at once. There’s no specific way to kill them just keep rolling your keys and keep defending yourself from their attacks.

In the second half or second act, we will face a knight who is weak to lightning but he uses a thin line AoE multiple times in a row which gonna cost you a lot of HP. When you bring him to his last HPs, he’ll gain a new attack called ‘Magitek Feild’ which spawns six earth week beetles. You either have to stop the Magitek Feild to spawn the beetles at the first place or if they’ve already spawned, you need to kill them before they kill you (don’t underestimate them for their size, they’re very quick to eat away your HP). After taking care of the beetles, take the Knight down with your spells.

Stage 5: The Threepenny Turtles

This stage requires, and I recommend the same, ‘1000 needles’. You will face three turtles and you can only take them down if you use fixed damage spells and that’s where 1000 Needles comes in handy.

The good thing is the turtles can not attack you back but the bad news is the whole arena is electrified from the outside and you only have 6 cast spells to finish off all the turtles. You do the math.

Stage 6: Eye Society

This stage requires ‘Glower’. There will be one puzzle and two dragons guarding it. You don’t need to solve the puzzle. All you have to do is to kill the dragons who will their spells to make you blind and decrease your accuracy.

After you kill them, you will be taken to the next act of the stage where you will face one more dragon and two huge beetles. Your aim and methods remain the same use your Glower to take them down and move to the next stage.

Stage 7: A chorus slime

You are required to use Glower and Sticky Tounge. This stage will be your first 3 acts fight of the carnival. The slimes are weak and will die with just one blow.

The first act requires you to kill the slimes to kill the ice sprites. Just remember not to come too close to the slimes because they will take you with them when they explode.
The second act is pretty much the same except for the fact that the ice sprites are now hiding behind the blocks and the slimes are in the middle of the arena.

In our final act, we have 6 slimes and two giant towers. We need all 3 slimes on a single line and use Sticky tongue to kill them in a single attack. However, the tower will cast continuous spells and do a lot of damage to you. So you need to hide behind the walls to protect yourself.

Stage 8: Bomb-edy of errors

Requirements: Glower, Sardine

This is also a 2 act stage. The first act has three bombs that you need to explode with your attacks. Keep a safe distance and attack them.

The second act has bombs and an enemy. You need to attack the bombs and freeze the main enemy. After the enemy freezes, start using your Glower continuously to kill him. The bomb explosion also causes a chain reaction that triggers the other bombs to get explode and kill the main enemy itself. So sometimes you don’t even have to spell a single cast on him.

Stage 9 to Stage 15

I’m gonna cover these stages in one go because there wasn’t anything thrilling or surprising going on in them that I had to explain separately.

From stage 9 you will start to get more tough fights. It starts with “To kill a mockingslime” where you need to kill the main slime boss who will attack you with a Dark cast.
When you reach “A Little Knight Music” you will face an easy-to-kill knight who uses frontal AoE’s but at the end, you will get an achievement award.

In the next stage, you are gonna get a gimmick fight with the three bombs which will get far from you when you hit them. Pretty easy fight.

In stage 12, you will face plants that are easy to kill. They get Knocked in just one blow. However, in the next act on the stage, you will face a water weak plant boss that is super active and attacks multiple times in a row.

The only way to kill the plant boss is when it starts to cast long Inflammable fumes. Just go near him start hitting vigorously and move away when he’s about to through the spell.

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Now you will reach the stage “Beauty and the Beast” which is fairly simple. All you need to do is to kill the main enemy first and then kill the remaining two that are petrified in the back.

The next act of this stage, however, is a bit tricky and involving as you get to fight the Haukke Manor Hard Boss who spells Void fire 3 casts.

“The Blobs in the wood” stage is fairly simple, in the first act you need to eliminate the two dormant slimes that explode at the end. The next act requires you to fight against much more active slimes that the first act.

Now comes stage 15 “The Me Nobody Knows” where you will face a beefy enemy who will retaliate as soon as you make the first move.

Stage 16 to Stage 20

Like the previous group, these few stages are also simple to complete.

Stage 16 has two giants that are painfully slow but if they reach you, you die. So keep a distance and start your range attacks. You’ll get them pretty easily. The second act has a cyclops that is more aggressive than the previous giants but can be easily managed.

Everything will be jus usually when reach the stage named “On a clear day you can smell forever”. At that stage, you will face a huge monster that reflects your spell on you. So the only way to kill him is to perform melee attacks.

Stage 20 is called “Miss Typhon”. It will be your most involved fight in the entire carnival. You will face the Typhon. She will push you back and then use the fireball so make sure that you dodge her and prepare for the snort.

Stage 21: Chimera on the hot tin roof

Part one is super easy. Kill the two flying beetles with your Flying Sardine cast. However, act two is slightly tougher. You get to kill chimera dragon who uses his freeze cast to make you still and then kill you. So better watch out.

Stage 22: Here comes the boom

Act one requires you to kill the bomb, but with a strong spell or else it will explode and kill you. Act two is worrisome. It has a huge bomb giant called Scalding Scolding which uses strong frontal AoEs and Saps that will kill you without a second thought.

Stage 23: Behemoths and Broomsticks

Act one will spawn a bunch of Behemoths in the arena that you need to deal with. Act two will spawn Charybdis AoE broomsticks. To defeat them you need to aim your spells outside the arena and then use trounces.

Stage 24: Amazing Technidoor pit fiends

This stage is also divided by Acts. The first one is there to introduce you to physical attacks on mage dolls and magic attacks on the warrior dolls.

You face Condensed Libra in the second act whom you have to block constantly to prevent yourself from getting killed from her attacks. When she loses enough HPs, she summons two dolls that you faced in Act 1 before. The methods to take them down will be the same.

Stage 25: Dirty Rotten Azulmagia

In this stage, you need magical attacks, physical attacks, and Loom attacks. You also get a hidden achievement when you complete this stage but it requires a lot of work to accomplish. So prepare yourself for that.

You need to damage Azulmagia with one attack of every element- Magical, Physical, and Loom attacks, and one of every spell of every element to get the perfect blue.

Stage 26: Papa Mia

Now starts your Heavensward tier fights. For them, you need Heavensward tier skills. The boss makes himself almost untouchable with his use of Alternate Plumage. You can use Erie Soundwave to dismantle his defences and give him a heavy blow. For a moment he will stop using his skills but after that, he will put out insane DPS so you need to be prepared for that.

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Stage 27: Lock up your snorters

This is the ugliest fight of the entire carnival. In each act, you need to prevent the bomb from blowing up the mines. You have to use Sticky Tounge on the bomb that is closest to the mine and drag him in a different direction. You can also Typhon to push all the bombs to the edge of the arena. While this might sound easy on the surface, it will kill you with the amount of frustration it brings.

Stage 28: Dangerous when dead

In this stage, the boss will use Doom Impending spells, which you might be familiar with as you’ve been following the storyline, and March of the Drauger which summons adds. Initially, the adds will be just limited to 8 mummies per summon but it will eventually increase.

You need to constantly be healing yourself as the attacks will be coming from all around the arena.

Stage 29: Red Fraught Blue

The hardest carnival fight. Period.

The boss is on fire. Literally, on fire. You can not go near him or else you’ll lose HPs and if you see sudden cracks on the floor of the arena, then get out of that zone immediately as it is about to explode.

The also uses Pyretics which will cost you a lot of HPs for every move you make. So all you need to do is to wait and keep dodging the spells and when he goes to cool down, make your move.

Stage 30: The Catch of the Seigfried

Like Stage 25, you need to do the damage from every attack and use every element from each attack to get the perfect blue but with a catch- you can not take any damage from the enemy. Sounds fun? It isn’t.

That’s not only it. You need to do all that in a limited time frame and you also have to eliminate all the adds that appear in the arena without taking damage from them.

So, we’ve made it down to stage 30 and which brings us to the end of this FFXIV Masked carnival guide. I now take your leave. Oh, don’t forget to have a look at SSEGold for cheap FFXIV Gil. See you in another gaming guide. Good Bye!