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FFXIV Desynth Guide - All You Need To Know

Final Fantasy XIV has released a new system for all Disciple of the Hands called Desynthesizing, which essentially breaks down all components of another craft into valuable items. Like this profession, we will break down all you need to know about FFXIV Desynthising so you can get the most out of your FFXIV Gil and time.

What is FFXIV Desynthesizing?

Desynthesizing in FFXIV means breaking down a manufactured item into its raw form; this is good to know because we can use this definition to approach the profession. Desynthesizing utilizes all classes from the Disciple of the Hands, so if you have any of these jobs or wish to start them, this guide on Desynthesizing will be useful to know, as you can save on a lot of Gil by starting Desynthesizing early.

How to get started with Desynthesizing in FFXIV

To get started with Desynthesizing, you must be level 30 with at least one of the Disciple of the Hands classes (Carpenter, Blacksmith, Goldsmith, etc.). Once you have reached level 30 with any of these classes, you will need to go to an NPC named “Syntgoht - Ul'dah,” who has the quest “Gone to Pieces.” Remember that you can only start this quest once “Life, Materia, and Everything” has been completed. Accept that quest and complete it; once completed, you will have access to Desynthesizing.

It is important to note that you will not be able to desynthesize classes from the Disciple of the Hand if they are below level 30, even if you have completed the quest mentioned earlier.

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The Benefits of FF14 Desynthesizing

There are multiple benefits to doing Desynthesizing, but primarily you’d want it for the material breakdown during routine game content. Desynthesizing items can allow pre-requisite crafting materials to be used in other crafting classes. For example, breaking down an item from Blacksmithing can give you materials to craft another recipe, which is very useful to level up other classes while leveling up Desynthesizing. By Desynthesizing primal weaponry, you can receive primal materials which sell for a lot on the Marketplace or even be used in your crafting. Essentially, FF14 Desynthesizing is a recycling type of profession.

A Guide To Leveling FFXIV Desynthesizing

There are many ways to level up Desynthesizing in FFXIV, so we will keep it simple and break it down into two categories: Active and Passive leveling.

Passive Desynthesizing

Passive Desynthesizing means continuously leveling up as you are leveling up other classes from the Disciple of the Hands. You should also continuously Desynthesize gear you receive from dungeons and questing.
Tip: Always desynthesize gear from dungeons you cannot use for other jobs.

Always look for the icon to indicate an item can be desynthesized and check its level requirements for Desynthesizing. The higher the item level is, the harder it will be to desynthesize, but the more your Desynthesizing will level up; however, the lower the item level against your Desynthesizing skill will allow for greater rarity in the items it desynthesizes. For example: If an item level is 200 and your Desynthesizing skill is 400, you won’t receive much experience but will be almost guaranteed a rare material.

Active Desynthesizing

Active Desynthesizing is a lot more “hands-on” than the passive method, as it involves active effort from the player to level it up.
Tip: We recommend doing active Desynthesizing after you’ve done passive Desynthesizing for as much as possible before running out of quests and content.

Active Desynthesizing involves a lot of Gil, time, and effort, but we will highlight a way to level up Desynthesizing for each of the Disciples of the Hand classes to save you time and money.
While actively Desynthesizing, you must try to get a hold of Bacon Broth and Tinker's Calm from Alchemy and Cooking to allow for faster leveling in Desynthesizing.

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Actively Leveling The Hands of Disciple Classes


Blacksmithing is relatively easy to level and is the first on our list for Desynthesizing. Below is a way to level it up easily:
Activate the Bacon Broth and Tinker’s Calm while doing all these steps.

●Skill 1-60 - Steel Doming Hammer
●Skill 60-140 - Mythrite Scythe
●Skill 140-240 - High Steel Claw Hammer
●Skill 240-330 - Molydenum Mortar
●Skill 330-440 - Titanbronze Claw Hammer
●Skill 460-550 - Bismuth Mortar
●Skill 550 -  Manganese Mortar
Crafting in this order will get you to 550+ in no time with fewer wasted resources.


Armorer is similar to the blacksmith as you can recycle many resources through Desynthesis. Here is the order to level up Armorer as fast as possible:

●Steel Frypan - Skill 1-80
●Mythril Alembic - Skill 80-140
●High Steel Helm of Fending/Maiming - Skill 140-300
●DeepGold Wings of Fending - Skill 300-450
●Bismuth Fat Cat Frypan - Skill 450-550
●Manganese Chocobo Frypan - Skill 550


Like with the previously mentioned Armorer and Blacksmith, Goldsmith allows for recycling resources; follow the below list for the easiest leveling:

●Horn Ring - Desynthesis skill 1-60
●Agate Ring - Desynthesis skill 60-140
●Triphane Ring or Koppranickel Armlets - Desynthesis Skill 140-290
●Islewolf Ring - Desynthesis Skill 290-430
●Ametrine Ring (Excluding Crafter) - Desynthesis Skill 430-540
●Star Quartz Ring - Desynthesis Skill 550

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Alchemist is the first to struggle with Recycling resources and will need you to spend Gil on the marketplace. Follow the guide below to get the most out of your Gil:

●Yew Wand - skill 1-60
●Archaeoskin Codex - skill 60-140
●Botanist's Dried Herbs - s Skill 140-190
●Gyuki Leather Codex - Skill 190-300
●Dishware - Desynthesis Skill 300-460
●Gaja Codex/Grimoire - Skill 460-540
●Ophiotauroskin Magitek Codex/Grimoire- Skill 540


Weaver returns to the original recycling roots in that many materials gained can be received from desynthesizing. So we recommend recycling produced materials as much as possible.

●Velveteen Shortgloves - Skill 1-60
●ainbow Halfgloves of Scouting skill 60-140
●Bloodhempen Armguards of Striking Skill 140-300
●Brightlinen Turban of Crafting - Skill 300-360
●Dwarven Cotton Bandana  Skil -l 360-460
●Fingerless Darkhempen Gloves of Healing -  Skill 460-540~
●Scarlet Moko Halfslops of Gathering Skill 540+


Leatherworking is the most expensive class to level in terms of desynthesizing. You can obtain leatherworking resources through farming mobs, trading, or the marketplace.
Tip: If you’re struggling with resources, check our store for quick ways to get your hands on the resources needed for any of these classes.

●Toadskin Ring - Skill 1-60
●Wyvernskin Choker - Skill 60-130
●Gyuki Leather Ring - Skill 130-240
●Gazelleskin Ring - Skill 240-330
●Smilodonskin Ring - Skill 330-360
●Atrociraptorskin Necklace - Skill 360-430
●Kumbhiraskin Ring of Gathering - Skill 430


Carpenter requires a lot of resources but isn’t as difficult to obtain as leatherworking. Again if you’re struggling with any resource spots or Gil, check out our news for spots and stores for Gil.

●Yew Crook - Skill 1-50
●Hallowed Chestnut Ring - Skill 50-140
●Larch Ring - Skill 140-240
●Zelkova Ring - Skill 240-330
●Lignum Vitae Ring - Skill 330-460
●Horse Chestnut Ring - Skill 460-510
●Ironwood Ring - Skill 510-550
●Integral Ring - Skill 550


Culinarian works differently from the rest. Culinarian requires a lot of fish to level up your desynthesizing skill, so we recommend checking the marketplace to purchase any low-tier fish to desynthesize.

That does it for this FFXIV Desynth guide; we hope you enjoyed it and learned all you need to for desynthesizing. Remember to check out our FFXIV Store and news section for all things FFXIV and related! As always, Happy hunting!