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Best Escape from Tarkov Weapons and Tiers

If you're looking for an extremely realistic shooting game, look no further than Escape From Tarkov. This game is brutally realistic and is not very beginner friendly. The game can be very overwhelming game and take some experience and knowledge of the game to know which Escape From Tarkov weapon is best to use. Also, considering there is so much depth to tarkov weapon builds, you'll need to know what's worth your time and what you should stay away from.

In this Escape From Tarkov weapons guide, I will go over the different EFT guns available, what you should use and what you should avoid. Obviously, everyone has their own “go-to-gun” that they enjoy using. Some prefer the AK over the HK etc.… It boils down to user preference and simply what people enjoy or would rather use. However, you cannot go wrong with the guns on my list and new players should check out my top recommended Escape from Tarkov guns for beginners, as this game can be very daunting and challenging to new players.

Escape From Tarkov is filled with items and guns. Currently there are:
27 assault rifles (19 of which are AK-variants)
8 sniper rifles
5 DMR’s
5 shotguns
14 SMG’s
4 assault carbines,
14 pistols
and 1 LMG

And the developers aren't done. They have announced that in later updates more guns will be coming and added into the game. AUG assault rifle, I'm looking at you! The AUG has always been a favorite gun of mine, in Battlefield and Division. Recently, the developers teased the release of this weapon so here is to hoping we get it soon! Stats are unknown but I'm very interested to see if it can hold its own.

Never trust a book by its cover, in this case…a gun by its appearance

Some gun appearances can be deceiving; a small MP5 may not seem that powerful, but with close to a 1000 rounds per minute it can shred armor and the people wearing it quite easily. Even a disgusting looking civilian grade (semi-automatic) AK with the dust cover and stock missing is often a better choice than a pistol. The point I’m trying to make: even if it looks like a BB gun, with some solid aim and intelligent positioning even the cheap, ugly looking options are capable of taking down enemies. So, if you see a gun and it looks like trash, don’t just discard it. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Escape From Tarkov Best Weapons and Tiers

For your convenience I have listed the tarkov guns in Tiers, with S Tier being the high range best weapons to use while E-Tier is the low range guns to stay away from.

S-Tier - The mighty shooting legends fall into this category, these are the best Escape From Tarkov weapons currently available in the game. They are used by the truly dedicated players and paired with the right ammunition, shred through enemies and any armor. They offer extreme customization changing the gun entirely offering close range, mid-range or long-range options. These guns boast the best ammunition options, the best base stats, and can be easily modded to perform even better.

A-Tier – These are weapons that will do well in most situations, but have a few small flaws that prevent them from being S-Tier. Albeit modding capabilities, scenario effectiveness or versatility. These guns still pack power though!
Vepr Hunter/VPO-101

B-Tier – These weapons are good enough to get you by and are mainly used by new players. (I have detailed lower below the best top 5 guns I would recommend for beginners)
Vepr KM/VPO-136

C-Tier – These tarkov weapons have a few more flaws than most making them somewhat undesirable but still usable in some situations.
SR1MP Gyurza
The ADAR 2-15 .223 Carbine

D-Tier – I'm not sure what to say about these guns…Better than bringing a knife to a gun fight I suppose?
MP-443 Grach

E-Tier – These are the guns you try to avoid for numerous reasons. And don't even get me started on the TT, it's the worst tarkov pistol in the game.

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My Top Pick of Escape From Tarkov Weapon

And the winner goes to…the M4A1! The M4A1 is definitely the meta right now in Escape from Tarkov as it is the best general-purpose rifle. It has very well-balanced stats with decent range, damage, ergonomics and manageable recoil which can be improved with mods. It offers great tarkov gun handling characteristics that can be enhanced by customization and even with standard ammo, it can pierce through Class 4 Body Armor as if it was shredding paper. With the proper mods and a large magazine, you can turn it into a heavy SMG or you can use it as an excellent DMR, or just a standard assault rifle. The gun is also able to use a large variety of ammo that is cheap and easy to come by.

The M4A1 can be obtained by trading three CPUs and three CPU Fans to Peacekeeper or purchased for $550 once he reaches Level 2. The gun can be enhanced using a variety of parts but these have to be my favorite:
MK12 Gas Block
KAC QDC Flash Suppressor
KRISS Defiance DS150 Stock
Any foregrip

When combined with the cash cost of purchasing the rifle, this tarkov budget build will cost around $800.
There are more cost-effective  builds around the M4A1, however the stats on the parts that you equip are relatively poor. If you are looking to get the most out of your M4A1 and have the Roubles for it, consider trying out the above customization.

Escape From Tarkov Gun Recommendations for Beginners

1) AKM
2) ADAR 2-15
3) PP-91 Kedr
4) Vepr Hunter/VPO-101
5) Mosin

The reason these guns made my list is because they are somewhat easy to come by, the ammunition is cost-effective and the guns are somewhat easy to use. Recoil deviation etc. Guns like the ADAR 2-15 surprisingly has very little recoil, making it easy for beginners to use. The AKM is available in 3 variants (AKMS, AKMN, and AKMSN) which offers players great customization early on. The Vepr Hunter is extremely dangerous at long range and uses the most powerful ammo: 7.62×51 NATO. New players can play safe, hang back and fire away. It goes without saying that this weapon is very ineffective in close quarter combat.

Escape From Tarkov Weapon features

Literally everything is labelled in Escape From Tarkov. Internal mechanisms, bullets, connectors, parts and even screws! Guns in Escape from Tarkov are so customizable and so realistic you will think you are wielding a real gun. Depending on the parts you have on your gun, they can wear down faster, be less accurate, fire slower or even jam more often. The developers really went all out in creating a very realistic shooter experience. There are a ton of gun parts in EFT as well, from flashlights to grips, barrels, suppressors, scopes, rails, bipods, literally everything! It’s so realistic and offers a very unique, sometimes infuriating gaming experience.

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