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Escape From Tarkov Woods Map Guide 2024

What is Escape From Tarkov's Woods? It is a large forested area filled with hills, rocks, and open terrain designed for long-range combat. Raid on the Woods map lasts for 45 minutes, features up to 12 players and a large number of Scav Spawns. 

For these reasons, Woods is considered as a map that new players should try to avoid. With limited Loot available to those who don’t want to fight for it, incredibly long sightlines, and plenty of foliage to give enemies concealment.

If you’re unprepared, surviving in such Hardcore FPS can be a momentous task. But don't worry, here is an Escape From Tarkov Woods Map Guide for you. Before throwing yourself into the firefight,
you should read it, and you will know some important details about the map and exactly what to do. 

Spawning in Escape from Tarkov Woods

Spawning in Escape from Tarkov is a little harder since there aren’t any UI clues to help you out. You need to perfect finding where you are on the map as soon as you spawn. To do this, always check for a point of reference that can immediately show you where you’ve spawned, and where you need to head. 


Spawns on the west side of the map start at the west Border extraction point, and are interspersed along the west wall, with some near the UN Road Block near the north wall. These spawns are near some of the most open parts of the map, where the rocky trenches clear out the trees leaving long sight lines and plenty of players who can rush forward and get some early distance kills. Try to stick to the trees where possible and maintain concealment to ensure you take the first shot.

These spawn points are centred around the Outskirts extraction point and wrap around from The Boat to ZB-014. If your spawn is close to the Scav house and Outskirts then be aware that players will likely be rotating around your position, however the dense foliage can mean that engagements will happen at close range. Try to move quickly ensuring your path is clear or find a spot to bed in and wait for players to come past you. Most enemies will be heading towards the lumber yard to the east of these spawns, so you’re most likely to take contact from the west. Be aware of Scav house as it usually has a high population of Scav AI to contend with, but during the opening minutes of a raid few are likely to have spawned.

1. If you spawn near the water, this should be obvious. Which side of the map you’re on will be clear by which direction the beach is from you.
2. On the left and right-hand sides of the map, you spawn in fairly hard to distinguish woods. The Scav house or the large road can help you find where you are on the right-hand side. The left-hand side is harder, so it is obvious to most players from the lack of these points of reference.

Map Extraction Points in Spawning in Escape from Tarkov Woods

As a large, outdoor map, Woods has sixteen extraction points. Remember that you can not use all of the Woods map extraction points in Escape from Tarkov whenever you would like. And you’ll only get access to some of them each game, depending on where you spawn and whether you’re playing as a Scav or PMC. The paths less traveled may provide you with a quieter escape, but they aren’t always available and the more information you have, the more flexible you can be in your approach. Remember to press O twice and make sure you’re headed in the right direction.


Dead's Man Place - Scav, Always Open
East Gate - Scav, Always Open
Factory Gate - All Factions, Always Open, Must Be Friendly PMC/Scav
Cliff Descent - PMC, Always Open, Need Paracord, Red Rebel Ice Pick, and no Armor Vest
Mountain Stash - Scav, Always Open
Old Station - Scav, Always Open
Outskirts - All, Always Open
Outskirts Water - Scav, Always Open
RUAF Roadblock - All, Not Always Open
Scav House - Scav, Always Open
South V-Ex - All, Not Always Open, Can Only Be Used Once
The Boat - Scav, Always Open
UN Roadblock - All, Always Open
West Border - Scav, Always Open
ZB-014 - All, Not Always Open, Requires ZB-014 Key
ZB-016 - PMC, Not Always Open
Office Window - Scavs, Always Open

In order to teach you to master sooner, we pick some of the Escape from Tarkov Woods map extraction points to analyze.


ruaf roadblock woods extract

The RUAF Roadblock is a PMC and Scav exit on the northwest side of the map. It’s closer to the water, further east than Factory Gate. Once you’re on the west side of the water, travel northeast and you’ll reach it. This extract is only available if a green flare is burning on a rusted barrel. 


un roadblock woods extract
The UN Roadblock extraction point can be found opposite the RUAF Roadblock, and at the top of the westmost wall, there is another large checkpoint. This extract has large walls surrounding it making it a safe space to get out. It opens to both PMCs and Scavs.

Factory gate woods extract
Factory Gate is another PMC/Scav extraction point, it is halfway along the north wall on the west side, between the RUAF Roadblock and the UN Roadblock, there is a gate that leads to the factory. You can’t extract alone here because it relies on you bringing a friendly player Scav with you.


south v-ex-woods extract
The South V-Ex is at the center of the south border to the map, you will see a red gate with an SUV parked in it. If the SUV is there then you can spend three thousand roubles per person and get up to four PMC’s out of the raid. It takes a minute for the driver to depart and once the extract has been used it will be closed to other players.

cliff descent woods extract
Cliff Descent Extract is a relatively new extraction point but the hardest one in Tarkov. It is in the middle of the south side of the map , there is a small crevice into a large mountain. You can see a wooden crate on a pallet. Scav’s can access this extraction at no cost, but PMCs must come equipped with a Paracord and the RR (Red Rebel) Ice Pick. You’ll also need to remove your armor if you’re a PMC.

Outskirts extract woods
Outskirts Extract is found on the northeast side of the Woods map. There is a large area designated as the outskirts extract, centred around a gate with a decrepit car nearby. This large zone allows you to keep moving throughout your entire extraction countdown and has plenty of foliage to keep you hidden.

zb-014 woods extract
The ZB-014 extraction point is behind a locked door in a bunker on the east side of the Woods map, it accessible by both PMCs and Scavs. You can tell if the extraction is available by checking to see if the green light above the locked door is lit. Opening this route will also get you a weapon box, a 60-round magazine and some other loot contained in the locked room.

zb-016 extract woods
ZB-016 is a PMC-only extraction point within a bunker on the west side of the map. It’s northwest of the crashed airplane and requires you to drop down a hole in the ground. If the exit is available you should see a green flare lighting the staircase.

Escape from Tarkov Woods Chokepoints

After knowing the extraction points, you may also want to know about Chokepoints. In the Escape from Tarkov Woods map, the chokepoint is the center. In this area, the map becomes considerably narrower and harder to pass through. With the Lumber Yard here and Scav spawns too, pretty much everyone has to move through this spot. 

Woods might not immediately look like a great sniper map, but it is actually pretty solid for these players. Despite the absence of towers, you’re rarely far away from a good sniper shot.

The lake itself contains a small peninsula which is a perfect sniping spot for that side of the map. In the woods, large rocks are located pretty evenly, all of which give you a decent view to take out opposing players. To the right of the yard, there is a large rock which gives a fantastic view of both the area around and the beach.

The beach itself can be used by snipers providing the weather is nice. On a clear day, you can line up a shot from one side of the water to another.


The Scav Boss for Woods is Shutman. Compared with other Scav Bosses, the one on the Escape from Tarkov Woods map is less aggressive but no less difficult. He has two guards with him who are heavily armored and need to be taken out first.

Usually, these guards and the boss will strike at you from a longer-range. It is difficult to engage him up close because of this tactic. You’re best trying to fight him on those terms, picking off the guards before approaching. This Scav Boss typically spawns within the Lumberyard, while he can leave to chase down a player he usually stays in the radius of the POI.

Shturman’s unique loot item is his key, which can be used to open a box in the lumberyard. This box is against a central woodpile, on top of a tyre. Inside there are always rare, or super rare items, including Escape from Tarkov weapons. But if you can't win him over, or you don't want to spend a lot of time to get in-game resources, we can help you, just buy EFT roubles and EFT items if you need it.

Woods are unsafe places, especially the one in Escape from Tarkov, but it is great for snipers or those looking for some PVP.  So hopefully, with this Escape From Tarkov Woods Map Guide, you’ll be able to survive and have a good run.