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Diablo 4: Five Playable Regions Introduction

Welcome to our Diablo 4 guide! In this article, we'll be discussing some of the new playable regions that have been added to the game, as well as a few other changes you can expect to see.
Whether you're a seasoned veteran of the series or a newcomer to the world of Sanctuary, we hope this Diablo 4 Playable Regions guide will help you navigate the dangers ahead and emerge victorious. So let's dive in!


The druids call this place their home. It is a very wooded area, and one of the cool things about it is that it is right on the coast. This will give us a nice change of pace when we play the game.

If that wasn't enough to convince you that winter is coming, it rains almost every day in this Land. It's so cool because of this.
In this area, there are going to be some interesting enemies. There will be werewolves there, but they will be kind of hidden by the plants. Guys, of course, we'll run into a brand-new monster family called the drown.

Guys, you'll want to be careful when you're near the coast because they're just waiting to drag their suspects and victims into the water. Make sure you are ready to fight when you get there.

Fractured Peaks

This area will be very different from the other one because it will be snowy and out of the way. There will be a group of dedicated priests who seek refuge in these high, isolated mountain ranges.

They will be looking for enlightenment, but they won't know about the terrible things that live in the dark caves that are part of a complex below. This will be a very interesting place to explore, and there will be some very interesting Dungeons in this area. Just one more time, guys, make sure you're on your best behavior and ready to fight.

Dry steeps

This area is hard to live in because it has some harsh environments and is very dry and desert-like. Only the hardest and most desperate people live there.

I want to warn you that if you decide to go into the dry steeps, you should be ready. People who live in this land or in the dry states will do anything to stay alive. Using anything from small-time theft to wild cannibalism. Be careful, because if you fall asleep or are caught sleeping, you might get eaten.

Hawaii's art

It's a very interesting place because it's run by witches and selectors who have gotten used to living in a swamp full of snakes and now call it home.

They're getting ancient artefacts from the murky depths of places where people who don't know what they're doing will quickly get into trouble. Don't forget, guys, I think this area will have some really good, awesome loot. Even though I've never been here, I know from reading the flavour text that this area will be heavily guarded and that there will be a lot of really good stuff and loot to find.


This area is very barren, has a lot of shadows and is very quiet. The reason is that a very small group has come to this area to start a very large cult. They have quietly dug into abandoned ruins to find the power they need to help the ancient prime elves come back.
This area will be heavily fortified, and many cults will follow.

But I can tell you that I think this area will be a great place to find some crazy dungeons because there are a lot of abandoned ruins. Even though these occultists have already looked through them, I still think there will be some very interesting things here.

New Feature: Camps

Another really amazing open-world feature that's coming to the game is called camps.
These are locations of importance have you ever played assassin's creed and you know those areas that are heavily fortified by enemies that you have to go and overtake? This is something very similar. These are places that have been overrun by enemies once you go ahead and clear out, all the enemies around them become friendly outposts with NPCs and a waypoint location.
We’ll surely talk about this addition in a separate guide like we answered “will diablo 4 have crossplay?”. So, stay connected!

Other Changes in Diablo 4

No Item Set

This is one of the things that surprised me the most, given how important set items are to build a character and feeling like you've finished something when you play a Blizzard game with set items.

Set items won't be in the game when it first comes out, but Blizzard plans to add them later. But it's still a bit strange that they won't be there when it starts. When asked why set items wouldn't be in Diablo 4 at launch, game director Joe Shealy said that it was because they needed to be fixed.

It's definitely a bit disappointing because sets are great when they're done right. In both Diablo 2 and 3, you could get sets at a low level that made the game a lot better. Whether it was the Angelic set in Diablo 2 for your Melee character or the Kane set in Diablo 3, collecting set items and getting two-piece bonuses is a great way to level up faster, and it's a shame that it won't be in the game at launch.

Every item takes up the same amount of space in the inventory.

Yes! Every item occupies the same amount of space in the inventory, even rings and amulets. Now, this is a departure from both Diablo 2 and Diablo 3. Most items in Diablo 3 took up two inventory spots except Rings gems and amulets, but in Diablo 4, it looks like every single item takes up a single inventory space.

This is how it is in World of Warcraft, where everything, regardless of actual size, just takes up a single inventory space. Now, this is a big difference from Diablo 2, where you could feel the weight of an article by the amount of space it would take.

In Diablo 2 with things like large two-handed weapons take up a lot of space or chest armour even a one-handed sword could also take up a d amount of space so this is effectively eliminating playing Tetris in your inventory like we would in Diablo 2 arranging items so new items can fit in your inventory and instead everything is just going to fit perfectly without any intervention needed by the player whether you like it or not. If you need Diablo 4 items or Diablo 4 Gold after the game launches, you can buy them with low price and fast delivery from SSEGold.

Ending Note

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We hope you found our Diablo 4 guide informative and helpful. The new playable regions, along with other changes, bring a fresh and exciting experience to the game. We hope you'll have an enjoyable time exploring the world of Sanctuary and all it has to offer. Remember to stay vigilant and be prepared for any challenge that comes your way. Good luck and happy demon-slaying!