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WoW Cataclysm Classic Classes Guide

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Classic is a re-release of the third expansion for the original World of Warcraft game. It allows players to experience the game as it was after the Cataclysm expansion, with some quality-of-life improvements. In World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Classic, you can choose from a variety of classes, each with its own unique abilities, playstyles, and roles in the game. In this article, we’ll give you a detailed introduction to each wow cata classic class and suggestions on the best races that matched.

Death Knight

• Role: Tank or Damage Dealer (DPS)
• Specializations: Blood (Tank), Frost (DPS), Unholy (DPS)
• Playstyle: Death Knights are plate-wearing warriors of the undead, using dark magic and runic power to vanquish foes. They can summon minions and have abilities that deal with diseases and decay.


• Role: Tank, Healer, or DPS
• Specializations: Balance (Ranged DPS), Feral (Melee DPS/Tank), Restoration (Healer)
• Playstyle: Druids are versatile shapeshifters who can take on the form of a bear, cat, moonkin, or tree, each offering different abilities. They are connected to nature and can cast spells related to it.


• Role: DPS
• Specializations: Beast Mastery (Pet-focused DPS), Marksmanship (Ranged DPS), Survival (Ranged/Melee DPS)
• Playstyle: Hunters are masters of ranged combat and can tame a wide variety of beasts to fight alongside them. They use bows, guns, or crossbows and lay traps for their enemies.


• Role: DPS
• Specializations: Arcane (Burst DPS), Fire (DPS with DoTs), Frost (DPS with crowd control)
• Playstyle: Mages wield powerful elemental magic to destroy their enemies. They can also teleport, create food, and control the battlefield with freezes and polymorph spells.


• Role: Tank, Healer, or DPS
• Specializations: Holy (Healer), Protection (Tank), Retribution (DPS)
• Playstyle: Paladins are holy warriors who can heal allies, protect them with shields, or smite enemies with divine wrath. They wear plate armor and can resurrect fallen comrades.


• Role: Healer or DPS
• Specializations: Discipline (Healer/DPS), Holy (Healer), Shadow (DPS)
• Playstyle: Priests use the power of the Light to heal and protect, or the shadow to inflict pain and suffering. They are a cloth-wearing class with a wide range of supportive abilities.


• Role: DPS
• Specializations: Assassination (Poison DPS), Combat (Melee DPS), Subtlety (Stealth DPS)
• Playstyle: Rogues are stealthy assassins, using daggers or swords to deal massive damage to unsuspecting targets. They can pick locks, detect traps, and vanish from sight.


• Role: Healer or DPS
• Specializations: Elemental (Ranged DPS), Enhancement (Melee DPS), Restoration (Healer)
• Playstyle: Shamans commune with the elements to cast spells, summon totems that provide buffs, and restore health. They can wear mail armor and wield shields.


• Role: DPS
• Specializations: Affliction (DoT DPS), Demonology (Pet DPS), Destruction (Burst DPS)
• Playstyle: Warlocks summon demons to do their bidding and cast curses on their enemies. They can drain souls and use powerful shadow and fire spells to obliterate foes.


• Role: Tank or DPS
• Specializations: Arms (Melee DPS), Fury (Dual-wield DPS), Protection (Tank)
• Playstyle: Warriors are the archetypal melee fighters, charging into battle and dealing damage with a variety of weapons. They can wear the heaviest armor and have abilities that allow them to withstand a lot of punishment.

Each class has specific races that can play them, and some races have unique abilities that make them particularly well-suited for certain classes. Here's a detailed breakdown:

WoW Cata Alliance Classes and Best Matched Races

• Death Knight: All races can be Death Knights. Humans and Dwarves are strong choices due to their versatility and racial abilities.
• Druid: Night Elves and Worgen. Night Elves have a quickness trait that increases dodge chance, beneficial for tanking.
• Hunter: Dwarves and Night Elves are great for their gun and bow specializations, respectively.
• Mage: Gnomes for their intellect bonus which increases mana pool and spell power.
• Paladin: Humans and Draenei, with Humans having a bonus to spirit and reputation gains.
• Priest: Humans and Dwarves, with Humans having a racial ability that boosts spirit.
• Rogue: Humans and Night Elves, with Night Elves having an increased stealth detection.
• Shaman: Draenei are the only Alliance race for Shamans, with a racial healing ability.
• Warlock: Gnomes and Worgen, with Gnomes having an increased mana pool.
• Warrior: Humans and Dwarves, with Humans having increased expertise with swords and maces.

WoW Cata Horde Classes and Best Matched Races

• Death Knight: All races can be Death Knights. Orcs and Trolls are strong due to their damage-increasing racial traits.
• Druid: Tauren and Trolls, with Trolls having a regeneration ability and a berserking ability that increases casting and attack speed.
• Hunter: Orcs and Trolls, with Orcs having a pet damage increase and Trolls having a bow specialization.
• Mage: Undead and Blood Elves, with Blood Elves having an arcane torrent ability that can silence enemies and restore mana.
• Paladin: Blood Elves and Tauren, with Blood Elves having the arcane torrent ability.
• Priest: Trolls and Undead, with Trolls having a hex of weakness and shadowguard abilities.
• Rogue: Orcs and Undead, with Orcs having a stun resistance and Undead having an ability to remove fear and sleep effects.
• Shaman: Orcs and Tauren, with Orcs having an increased spell power and Tauren having a health increase.
• Warlock: Orcs and Undead, with Orcs having an increased spell power and Undead having an ability to remove fear and sleep effects.
• Warrior: Orcs and Tauren, with Orcs having an increased damage output and Tauren having a health increase.

Each class offers a unique experience and can be played in various ways depending on your preferred playstyle. Hope you can make the best choice after reading this guide. Buy WoW Cata classic gold from SSEGold if you need and enjoy your adventure in Azeroth!