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Get those mirrors ready for unique hairstyles in FFXIV!

Unique hairstyle list, how to get them? Trade or buy on the market board!
Hairstyles, we all love them. Let me tell you, the amount of time I spend customizing my look in MMO’s (FFXIV in particular) is astounding. If I had invested that time into actually playing the game, I would be unstoppable. It’s no secret that all players love to customize their character, albeit their appearance, race or gender.
FFXIV’s vanity system (glamour) allows players to fully take advantage of this sort of customization and because of the in-game camera being so in-depth, players tend to spend extra time customizing and managing their looks. One customization that players like to spend extra time on, is hairstyles. Why? Well, not only can they make or break a look, but they can appear in your avatar. You can also make changes to your avatar using FFXIV Gil, which you can buy here. Sadly, at-least for now, newly added races such as the Viera and Hrothgar, cannot use all hairstyles mentioned in this article.

How to unlock additional hairstyles?

Should you wish to change your characters appearance, you will need to unlock the Aesthetician. The Aesthetician allows you to change the following:

• Hairstyles and hair colour
• Eyebrows
• Lip colour
• Facial features (scars, bushy eyebrows, etc.)
• Tattoos and tattoo colours
• Face paint and face paint colours

Should you wish to change your character race, skin color and gender, you will need to use a Fantasia, which can be purchased from the FFXIV Online Store. You can also purchase special hairstyles from the Online Store as well. To unlock the Aesthetician, you will need to be at least level 15 and start the quest:

• 'Beauty is Only Scalp-Deep'

Head over to Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks and speak to S’dhodjbi in the Drowning Wench, who will tell you to investigate a commotion in the city. You will then need to assist Jandelaine as well as visit various Disciple of the Hand guilds. Once completed, you will unlock the Aesthetician service and receive x1 Jandelaine’s Token.

You can then access the service by summoning Jandelaine with the Crystal Bell found in every inn room. Please note that to use the Aesthetician, it will cost either 2,000 Gil, or x1 Jandelaine’s Token, per use. You only pay after confirming the changes, so just browsing won’t cost anything. Who knew window shopping was free in games too?

Unique hairstyles

Aside from the standard in-game hairstyles, there are some unique hairstyles that can be earned in a variety of different ways. Sadly, some of them – such as the Cloud Strife hairstyle (my all-time favorite character from FF7) cannot be earned anymore. Below I will list a variety of hairstyles, as well as how you can earn them.

PvP hairstyles

NameHow to acquire

Styled For Hire

Purchased for 18000 Wolf Marks (a PvP currency)

Unique hairstyles found at Gold Saucer

NameHow to acquire

The Adventure Hairstyles (Modern Aesthetics – Adventure)

Sold by Modern Aesthetics Saleswoman for 14 MGP.
The male and female versions look different.

Modern Aesthetics – Ponytails

Sold by Gold Saucer Attendant (Prize Claim) for 8000 MGP at Prize Exchange I.

Modern Aesthetics – Curls

Sold by Gold Saucer Attendant (Prize Claim) for 9600 MGP.


Must have completed the following:
• The City of Lost Angels Quest
• The Orbonne Monastery Raid
Once completed, the hairstyle can be bought for 50,000 MGP from the Gold Saucer Attendant prize claim.

Great Lengths

Bought from the Gold Saucer Attendant for 30,000 MGP. 

Unique Hairstyles from Dungeons, Duties, And Raids

NameHow to acquire

Battle-Ready Bobs 

Scanning for Style

The Nier: Automata crossover saw the addition of 3 alliance raids. At the end of the Tower of Paradigm’s Breach raid, you can find these 2 hairstyles.
You need to be level 80.

Early to Rise

As with the above hairstyles, you will also need to be level 80, as you need to complete the Bozjan Southern Fort content. This will unlock Delubrum Reginae. This hairstyle can be acquired as a rare drop from within this duty.

Samsonian Locks

This style can be used by both male and female characters and is found and unlocked in the Palace of the Dead.

Wind Caller

As with the “Early to Rise” hairstyle, you will need to complete the Bojzan Southern Front content as you will need to defeat enemies in that area to collect Bozjan clusters.
The hairstyle can then be purchased from the Resistance Quartermaster for x150 Bozjan Clusters.

Form and Function

There are 2 ways to acquire this hairstyle. Once is through The Forbidden Land, Eureka and the other is as a Pyros Lockbox drop by completing FATES.

Both Ways

This hairstyle can be acquired as a rare drop from lockboxes on Zadnor. Keep in mind that Zadnor will only be available after completing the main quest in Bozja.

Hairstyles Received Through Events

NameHow to acquire


This highly sought-after hairstyle is currently impossible to obtain, as it was only available during the Gold Saucer's "Make it Rain Campaign" in 2017 and 2018 for 5,000 MGP.


Strife is another hairstyle that is currently impossible to obtain. It is same hairstyle as my favorite character of all time. Cloud.
This hairstyle was only awarded to those who participated in various contests during the 2019 Fan Festivals.

Lucian Locks

I really enjoyed FF15. I thoroughly enjoyed Square-Enix’s take on this hack and slash type RPG, as opposed to the turn-based fighting seen in earlier FF’s. This hairstyle could be bought for 20000 MGP. 

Hairstyles Obtained Through Skybuilder's Scripts

NameHow to acquire

Modern Legend

To gain this hairstyle, you must craft in order to gather Skybuilder's Scripts at Ishgard's Firmament. It can then be bought from Enie for x1800 scripts.

Controlled Chaos

This unisex hairstyle can also be bought from Enie for x1800 scripts.

Saintly Style

This unisex hairstyle can also be bought from Enie for x1800 scripts.

Hairstyles From the Mogstation – All these bundles are bought with real money. They generally cost around $15.

NameHow to acquire

Sharlayan Studies

To get this hairstyle you will need to purchase the entire Alphinaud’s Attire set from the Mogstation. 

Eternal Bonding Hairstyle

This hairstyle is another Mogstation-bought hairstyle that costs real money. You will need to buy the Eternal Bond bundle, which allows you to marry another player in the game.
The hairstyle is unisex.

The Scion Special Issues

Scion Special Issue

Scion Special Issue II

Scion Special Issue III

These three hairstyles can only be acquired by buying the Minfilia's, Thancred's, or Y'shtola's Attire bundle at the Mogstation.
Only female characters can use the Y'shtola and Minfilia bundle while only male characters can use the Thancred bundle.

Pulse Hairstyle

You will need to buy the Snow's and Lightning's Attire bundle from the Mogstation. (With real money)
Male characters will receive Snow’s hairstyle while female characters will receive Lightnings hairstyle. 

Master and Commander

You will need to buy the Aymeric Attire bundle from the Mogstation. It is usable for both male and female players. 

Market board

Most hairstyles can also be purchased on the Market board, though some of them are very pricey. Especially those that aren’t available anymore. If you have any rare hairstyles, consider posting them up for sale or trade on the market board. And if you have extra money to spend, think about visiting the market board so you too can get your hands on some rare and unique hairstyles.

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