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POE New Challenge League Incursion on June 1st--Send You Back in Time

GGG is getting ready to unleash a brand-new Path of Exile Challenge league to its players when Incursion launches on June 1st. It's going to bring some fascinating new content to players as well the chance to travel back in time over a thousand years. The goal for Incursion is, according to Chris Wilson, to blur the line between league and expansion and to give players new items, new areas, new monsters, new characters. Watch the trailer here.

Incursion content has a decidedly Aztec feel to it with the centerpiece being the Temple of Atzoatl. Players will have a chance to find and explore the temple through something called a Temporal Incursion whenever Relic Hunter Alva is encountered. This sends players back to a time when the temple was under construction. The goal is for her to learn the location of the present time's temple and to let the player influence the types of encounters and loot they will find then. Don't think it’s easy either. It will take eleven Incursions for her to determine the location.

Once the Temple's location has been discovered, players will travel to the past for a short time and enter a random room that is packed with monsters and at least two boss types. The more Vaal blood that is spilled, the longer a player remains like Breach. The idea is basically a speed run. Luckily, loot doesn't drop until the end of the encounter and each room type has its own "unique risks and rewards”.

Actions in the past can affect the present and players can literally change the course of history by killing Vaal Architects. Player actions in the past affect the present day. Rooms are modified it through what is done in the past. Players will want to keep an eye out for keys to open a door and get much further in the temple.


Each room features two Architects that oppose each other. Players can choose to kill one in the past to take them out of play to get a higher tier of a given room (all rooms begin at Tier 1). Looking at the map, players will want to identify which door they want to open and which architect to kill. Some will want to kill the one who is opposing this room's creation, so that it upgrades to the next tier. It's important to remember that each room has its own set of drawbacks and rewards based on its evolution. You can make the rooms that are too rewarding and too risky.

Lastly, there are lots of secrets, things to find and ways to work towards rare outcomes. The team is anxious to see how players work through Temples to try to affect things in unique ways. In addition, there are unique rewards from specific Temple rooms. Many of them come with rewards worth of the increased danger they present to players.

Temples evolve over time and changes over time as rooms are completed and upgraded. According to Chris, the content can be completed quickly -- a complete temple in an hour or dedicated players can get through a temple or two each day for the 13 weeks of the League. After each temple run, it resets back to the start and you can do another batch of Incursions. Players will play a lot of Incursions and a lot of Temples.

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