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GTA V Ghost Car Collecting Guide - Myth or Elaborate Troll?

Rockstar Games has always delved into the supernatural, and with the release of the Halloween event, players have speculated a ghost car collection that could be worth millions. However, in this article, we will go over whether or not ghost cars are a myth or if there may be more to the eye.

GTA 5 Ghost Cars Fact or Myth?

Ghost cars don’t technically exist within GTA 5, and this has caused a huge debate online about whether or not a bug (where there would be no NPCs in a car, yet it continued to drive) may have been intentional to test out the possibilities of having ghost cars that players could collect.

However, all of this is proven false, as with the release of the Phantom car on Halloween of 2022, we saw a car with no driver that goes up in flames which is in direct reference to a horror movie called Christine by Stephen King. The Phantom car cannot be spawned anymore, but it may see a comeback in Halloween 2023.

The phantom car is a red Tornado Custom with no driver and sets itself on fire when interacted by a player character (crash into or is near). This car cannot spawn anymore; however, when Halloween comes out in 2023, be sure to bring your friends for this scare.

How to Spawn the Phantom Car in GTA V

Players must be in an online lobby to spawn the phantom car, have the Halloween event active, and drive between 10 PM and 5 AM. There are a few other conditions, and you may not be in any of these vehicles:
●Aerial Vehicles (Planes)
●Flying Bikes (MKII)
●Aquatic Vehicles (Jetskies etc.)

Players must be in an online lobby with at least three other players to spawn this vehicle. Any of these players can spawn the vehicle after everyone has been in the lobby for over 30 minutes. It is, however, recommended that you stay clear of all other players to let the car spawn.

Myths of GTA - Real or Fake?


A circulating video regarding the megalodon shark supposedly spawns if you’re in a multiplayer lobby. The conditions are:
●Get a yellow submarine.
●Fly that yellow submarine into the water near the downed alien spacecraft
●At 2 AM, a singular player must go down into the water and wait
●After a certain amount of time (30mins to an hour), the megalodon will show up

We have not been able to reproduce this myth, but the creator is adamant about the megalodon’s existence. You brave few may champion the waters and try to find out yourself.


Bigfoot is a proven truth in GTA V. Bigfoot can be found within the outer city location all along the mountainside. There is no proof that it can be found in multiplayer; however, it can be found in single-player mode. There is even a mission that involves Franklin in his hunt for Bigfoot.

There are multiple legends and myths within GTA V, but the most prevailing one for the moment is Ghost cars, and while it is a myth, there are rare cars that you can collect to earn huge respect within the community.

GTA 5 Rare Cars Collecting

There are rare cars to collect within GTA 5, they may not be ghost cars, but they are worth a lot to the community and your wallet.
If you’re new to GTA V online, check out our GTA 5 character guide. Either way, once you’ve set up your character, you must become a CEO by buying your own company.

Once you’ve set up your CEO, make sure to buy a garage to do vehicle missions; in these missions, you will have access to really expensive cars that you can end up selling. Remember, you cannot drive these cars around the city, and they can only be sold through the CEO menu back at your business headquarters.

Tip: Try getting all your sourced vehicles back in one piece, as any damage incurred will reduce the profit due to repairing it.

Once you’ve gotten the hang of collecting cars, you will sometimes receive rare collectible cars with specific number plates. These cars will sell for a lot of money and often go out to clients in a set. Make sure you collect all these rare car sets before selling them off for quick money, as selling the set will give you a larger bonus.

Cars will also have ranges, going for low, middle, and top ranges. Top Range cars will sell for a lot on their own, and yes, while they may be in a set, it is sometimes safer and more worth it to sell them off quickly, as collecting a top-range set can take a lot of time.

There are also simpler missions given by Simeon, an NPC who will often call you with a list of cars to search for. These cars are more mundane and don’t fetch as much money as the CEO enterprise, but they are good for starting-out players. Always look at the bottom right of the screen when you get into a car, as it will tell you what car you’re in, and if you compare that to what is on the list, you can take the car to the warehouse and sell it off for quick and easy money.


We just touched on some of the smallest myths and legends within GTA V; we will have many more in our news section to come, so make sure to check those out regularly to impress or even scare your friends next time you play GTA V. Running businesses and getting expensive cars is one of the most fun things to do in GTA V, so if you’re struggling to get started check out our store for GTA 5 modded accounts on startups within GTA V. As always, happy racing!