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GTA 5 Character Guide

Rockstar Games, a company well-known within the gaming industry, has one of the major titles still in online circulation since its creation in 2014. With a wide array of colorful characters, Grand Theft Auto 5 promotes a strong storyline and impressive character arcs within the single-player experience. This article will explain all the GTA 5 characters briefly, along with creating a character within the online GTA 5 community.

GTA V Single Player Characters

You may have heard of GTA 5 before, with its revelation and satire towards modern capitalist America, and you will have heard right since you are launched into the game with the explosive heist featuring Michael, and Trevor, the two playable characters within the GTA 5’s storyline. As you progress, you will meet Franklin, a typical gangster who wishes to escape the game and is down on his luck with his best friend, Lamar. Rockstar Games skilfully intertwines all three main GTA 5 characters through trials, tribulations, and, most importantly, heists.

As multiple stories are going on, which lead to the final climax of all the characters, it stands to reason that you can swap between them to experience their unique and specialized questlines. To do this, press the ALT button and scroll over the player characters as seen below:

If you are on the XBOX or Playstation console, you can hold the down button on the D-pad and use the analog stick for cycling between the characters, as seen below:

Tip: While in the story mode of GTA 5, we recommend changing characters after every mission to see if new side quests are available to get the most out of all the characters.

Make sure to drive around town with each of the characters to find hidden side quests that are unique to each player character, indicated by a blue dot on the minimap, as seen below:

These side missions (or random events) are unique to each player and will have a different experience.

Tip: We highly recommend checking out the Grass Roots Random event, which is wild and fun. You can find it here:

GTA 5 Online Character Guide

If you’re not into the solo-play or may be done with the story and wish to check out what multiplayer offers, you are in for a treat. Rockstar Games has created one of the most impressive, immersive, explosive, and wacky online experiences you will experience within the decade. That is why the character creation is just as wild as you can choose a list of familiar faces to create your online character. To create your character, you must choose your Dad and Mom, and it will automatically make a baseline for your character as if you were their child.

As you can see above, a few sliders give you a range of features you’d prefer to take. If you are making a female character, you’d be best off making the resemblance closer to the mother. You can also change your skin tone according to which race you’d prefer to look like. Once completed, you will then be presented with changing a few finite details to make your GTA 5 character unique.

Select the features option to go into more detail to give your character its unique identity. Once there, you will see a bunch of sliders pertaining to different facial, body, and other features, which you can make enlarged, reduced, or somewhere between.

Once you create your ideal character, select the finish option to begin your online experience.

Online GTA V Character - All You Need to Know

After the character creation screen, you will be prompted with a few messages and video/cutscenes. Once those play out, you will be on the street and ready to consume all that Rockstar Games offers within GTA 5.


Haircuts aren’t unique to GTA 5, but they allow you to change your character's facial and hairstyles. You can find them by looking on the map and are indicated by this icon:

Once inside the barber, you can get various options to change facial hair, hairstyles and even dye your hair a completely different color. So if you don’t like your hairstyle or don’t match your selected outfits, go through the various options to find your style. Remember to bring a lot of cash as some of these hairstyles are expensive, and if you’re struggling to get cash, check out our store on great safe transfers at low costs.


Speaking of styles, you can change your outfits by visiting the various clothing shops throughout GTA 5. This icon indicates these:

Certain outfits or collections may be locked until you complete heists, challenges, and other multiplayer-related content.
Tip: All clothing shops throughout GTA 5 offer different clothing styles, so visit them for any new options.

Guns! Guns! Guns!

Would GTA 5 be without weapons to complete heists, cause havoc and start wars with other players. To get your guns, go to any Ammu-Nation and bring a lot of cash since you will need it to buy ammo, armor, and weapons. GTA 5 has a lot of weapons to offer, so feel free to collect them all! Here is the icon for Ammu-Nation:

Tip: Some Ammu-Nations will have a target practice to increase your gun skill and stack your aim against the World.


Stats for player characters are incredibly important and will require many repetitions to master. As your stats rise within a certain profession, achieving each task physically will be easier.
The stats are as follows, with a short breakdown of each:

●Mental State

Stamina is basic, the ability to run without running out of breath. In GTA 5, running out of breath and continuing to run will reduce your health to 0, so make sure to jog often and increase that skill!
Strength is the power of your punches or melee attacks; increasing this also allows you to win more often at the arm-wrestling mini-game. To increase strength, punch and use melee weapons as often as possible.

Shooting is the ability to aim more proficiently. There is also speculation that reload speed changes the more your skill improves. Increasing shooting is the most important skill, as it is your lifeblood within GTA 5 heists and gameplay. To increase your shooting skill, find a shooting range and practice with all the various weaponry.

Stealth is the ability to stay undetected while crouched. This is particularly useful to evade police detection and for many of the heists within GTA 5. To increase your stealth stat, sneak around people without them detecting you for a long period.
Flying, arguably the third most important stat, is the ability to fly aerial vehicles without them swaying left and right. The more your skill in flying goes up, the more steady the flight. Raise this by often flying around the vast map within GTA 5.

Driving is super important; it is the main way to escape, race, and reach objectives within GTA 5. The more your skill rises in driving, the more control over your vehicle. To increase your driving skill, drive any vehicle around the map for some time.

Mental State is unique to multiplayer and the only one you don’t want to rise on this list. The mental state reflects how many NPCs and players you’ve killed. The more you kill, the higher the stat, and the higher the stat, the more chance for bounties to be placed on your head. If a player sees the bounty, they are more likely to kill you to claim it. Stay out of trouble and keep a level head to drop this stat.


GTA 5 is an amazing experience with content that will keep you playing. If you’re struggling to get cash, check out our store for cheap GTA 5 modded account to keep your field for heists and the latest cars. Check out our other articles on the new section of our website. As always, happy heisting.