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  • Lv490 Miner Package(HQ)

    Aesthete's Hat of Gathering(HQ)
    Aesthete's Doublet of Gathering(HQ)
    Aesthete's Halfgloves of Gathering(HQ)
    Aesthete's Belt of Gathering(HQ)
    Aesthete's Trousers of Gathering(HQ)
    Aesthete's Boots of Gathering(HQ)
    Aesthete's Earrings of Gathering(HQ)
    Aesthete's Necklace of Gathering(HQ)
    Aesthete's Bracelet of Gathering(HQ)
    Aesthete's Ring of Gathering(HQ)
    Aesthete's Ring of Gathering(HQ)
    Aesthete's Pickaxe(HQ)
    Aesthete's Sledgehammer(HQ)

    Lv490 Miner Package(HQ)

    $ 79.99
  • Lv446 Miner Package(HQ)

    Facet Pickaxe(HQ)
    Facet Sledgehammer(HQ)
    Facet Cap of Gathering(HQ)
    Facet Coat of Gathering(HQ)
    Facet Fingerless Gloves of Gathering(HQ)
    Swallowskin Survival Belt(HQ)
    Facet Bottoms of Gathering(HQ)
    Facet Boots of Gathering(HQ)
    Lignum Vitae Earrings(HQ)
    Lignum Vitae Necklace(HQ)
    Lignum Vitae Bracelet(HQ)
    Lignum Vitae Ring(HQ)
    Lignum Vitae Ring(HQ)

    Lv446 Miner Package(HQ)

    $ 49.99
  • Lv340 Miner Package(HQ)

    Yamashi Kasa(HQ)
    Yamashi Dogi(HQ)
    Yamashi Tekko(HQ)
    Yamashi Obi(HQ)
    Yamashi Momohiki(HQ)
    Yamashi Zori(HQ)
    Silvergrace Earrings of Gathering(HQ)
    Slothskin Necklace of Gathering(HQ)
    Slothskin Armillae of Gathering(HQ)
    Slothskin Ring of Gathering(HQ)
    Slothskin Ring of Gathering(HQ)
    Nightsteel Pickaxe(HQ)
    Nightsteel Sledgehammer(HQ)

    Lv340 Miner Package(HQ)

    $ 79.99
  • Miner Package(HQ)

    Hamlet Digger's Helmet(HQ)
    Forager's Vest(HQ)
    Forager's Slops(HQ)
    Forager's Wristguards(HQ)
    Forager's Shoes(HQ)
    Dodore Survival Belt(HQ)
    Dodore Choker(HQ)
    Rose Gold Earrings Of Gathering(HQ)
    Militia Bracelets(HQ)
    Dodore Ring(HQ)
    Dodore Ring(HQ)
    Forager's Sledgehammer(HQ)

    Miner Package(HQ)

    $ 51.40

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