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FFXIV – Aglaia Alliance Raid 101

In this article I will discuss how to unlock the Aglaia Alliance Raid, the bosses you will face and the rewards you can earn from completing it. You can just turn to the last part and decide whether you need a quick FFXIV powe leveling service from us.

Let’s talk Alliance Raids

Alliance raids are exciting, enticing and one of the main reasons that keeps players around in Final Fantasy XIV. It is for me anyway. These 24-player dungeons feature some of the best boss mechanics and unique experiences that FFXIV has to offer. These are not to be confused with normal raids, which only allows for 8-players. The first section of the Myths of the Realm raid, known as Aglaia, was added with Patch 6.1.

List of all Alliance Raids from A Realm Reborn through to Endwalker:

· Labyrinth of the Ancients
· Syrcus Tower
· The World of Darkness
· The Void Ark
· The Weeping City of Mhach
· Dun Scaith
· The Royal City of Rabanastre
· The Ridorana Lighthouse
· The Orbonne Monastery
· The Copied Factory
· The Puppets’ Bunker
· The Tower at Paradigm Breach
· Aglaia

In this article we will be focusing on the first Endwalkers raid, Aglaia. This raid is part of the Myths of the Realm series and will see you facing 4 of the 12 gods of Eorzea.

How to unlock

There are a few conditions that need to be met to unlock Aglaia.

· Have an item that is level 565 or higher
· Have completed the post-Endwalker main scenario quest: “A Brother’s Grief”
· You must be level 90

Once you have met these conditions make your way to Old Sharlayan (X: 9.1, Y: 11.5) and obtain the mission: “A Mission in Mor Dhona” from the Fresh-Faced Student NPC.

Progress through the mission and eventually you will be notified about unlocking Aglaia.

If you have completed most of what Endwalker has to offer, the above should be relatively easy to unlock. Check our guide on the best DPS for raids.

Bosses you will face

In this raid, you will fight four main bosses and two mini bosses. The raid itself is not too difficult, and with my guide below – you should clear it easily.


Boss 1 – Byregot, the Builder

Byregot is the first boss you'll encounter. There are 3 phases to this encounter.

Phase 1:

Ordeal of Thunder is a typical attack employed in the first phase. It inflicts damage to all players. A basic AoE heal will bring the party back to health after the attack. When he performs Byregot's Strike, a blue AoE circle deals damage and knockback. You won't take any damage if you don't stand in the circle. Byregot's Ward is the final attack to be aware of. The main tank will take a lot of damage from this. To stay alive, use defensive buffs and heals.

Phase 2:

Byregot will leap to the center of the arena and destroy portions of the platforms as well as the stadium's walls. Byregot will call four hammers to the arena's perimeter. Hammer Divine is the name of this attack. The hammers will bash into the platform after a while, shifting the arena. Byregot can also use Levinforge, which summons a hammer that creates a long-range AoE. Byregot will then utilize Hammer Divine to move the summoned hammer throughout the arena. To avoid being attacked by this assault, calculate where it will land and move to a safe tile. Byregot's Spire is the final onslaught you may expect. Before preparing a massive AoE that covers most of the arena, Byregot will move to one end of the arena. He'll use Hammer Divine again at the same time, altering the arena platform. Wait for the arena to move before moving to a safe tile to dodge this assault.

Phase 3:

This phase is similar to phase 2 but with a few differences. Byregot will utilize Reproduce to create clones of himself along one arena edge. You should expect Byregot to use all of the above attacks after he uses Reproduce until he is defeated. Simply repeat the instructions for each attack and you'll be triumphant.


Boss 2 – Rhalgr, the Destroyer

Okay, so you’ve slain Byregot. Next up is Rhalgr. The same as with Byregot, there are some special moves that you need to look out for. Rhalgr will use 2 attacks called Advent of the Eighth and Hand of The Destroyer. Notice the 4 rings floating around him? Two of these rings will now transform into portals. A blue and red one. The other two will still hover in front of him and also be blue and red. Whenever Rhalgr punches one of the rings in front of him, a devastating AoE attack emerges from the portal of the same colour. It’s a simple attack to avoid as you can just watch which ring he is going to punch. During the fight he can also use Rhalgr’s Beacon which can push you away. The two main attacks to watch out for that can deal high damage are Destructive Bolt and Bronze Work.


Boss 3 – Azeyma, the Warden

Okay, two bosses down, two to go. The third one in Aglaia is Azeyma, who is one of the keepers of the realm. This is definitely not an easy boss as Azeyma loves to spam a barrage of AoE attacks. The first attack, Solar Wings summons large AoE cones that cover each side of the arena. With Sun’s Shine, Azeyma will summon fire spheres and detonate them. Watch out for Solar Fold. She will perform a cross-attack and leave four markers on the ground and create copies of herself to blow the Solar Flair orbs. The last skill you should be extremely ready for is Wildfire Ward. Azeyma will cover the whole arena in flames with one small triangular safe zone. Make your way to this zone quickly to avoid taking damage from this devastating move.

Boss 4 – Nald’Thal, the Trader (Final boss)

We’re in the final stretch now! One more boss and this raid is yours for the claiming. The last boss battle in the Aglaia raid is against Nald’Thal. This is the hardest fight in the raid.

Phase 1:

One of the first of many attacks you can expect from this boss is As Above, So Below. Nald'Thal will inflict damage on all party members and turn the arena walls orange or blue, indicating which next attack will occur. Flames Above, Heat Below will produce a blue ring-AoE around the boss and an orange point-blank AoE around the rest of the arena. Only one of these attacks will go off, as indicated by the color of the arena's wall. The point-blank orange AoE will erupt if the wall is orange. To avoid, move outside the AoE indication area.

The ring-shaped blue AoE will erupt if the wall is blue. To avoid being hit, stay inside the AoE. Far Above, Deep Below will spawn blue tracking AoEs that will target three party members, while an orange line stack marker will target one additional player. The color of the arena's walls also influences which of these attacks occurs. The orange line stack marker will go off if the wall is orange. On the position of the targeted player, all players should form a group. The blue tracking AoEs will activate if the wall is blue. To avoid each instance of the following AoEs, the three targeted players should relocate to the arena's edges and move around it. Nald'Thal will make x2 sets of three orange-moving AoE markers and x2 sets of three blue moving AoE markers for Once Above, Ever Below. The color of the arena's wall determines which set of AoEs is resolved. Both the orange and blue versions of this assault must be avoided by moving to the opposite side of the arena as the AoEs move.

Nald'Thal will use tracking cone-shaped AoEs to target three players, while another party member will be targeted with a stack marker. To spread out the damage of this assault, people targeted by AoEs should disperse apart from other players while all other players gather up on the stack marker-targeted person. Nald’Thal will also use Golden Tenet (a high damage stack marker that targets one of three tanks) and Stygian Tenet (a high-damage strike that targets all three tanks). As needed, spread out and use defensive cooldowns.

Nald’Thal will occasionally use Hell of Fire, an AoE attack on one half of the arena, which is displayed by where the purple light is glowing. During this strike, Nald'Thal can flip his upper torso to the opposite side of the arena, causing him to target the other half of the arena. Keep an eye out for the glow and maneuver accordingly to avoid it. Nald'Thal will summon huge orbs that will slowly descend to the arena before exploding. One of the next attacks is Wayward Soul. Nald'Thal will summon huge orbs that will descend slowly into the arena before exploding in large AoEs. Keep an eye on the position of each orb and maneuver to dodge them when they land. Nald'Thal will mark an area in the arena before attacking it with a knockback or point-blank AoE when he is fired up. And lastly, we have Fortune's Flux. Nald'Thal will leap to each marker in the order specified by the number of diamonds above it, performing the attack stated. To dodge this combo, stand close to the knock-back marker and make sure you're not in a position to be knocked into the ensuing point-blank AoE.

Phase 2:

Nald'Thal will move to the perimeter of the arena as this phase begins and you won’t be able to target him. He'll then call three Soul Vessels, one for each Alliance, and attach them to them, signifying that they are targets. Nald'Thal will summon his scales and begin passing judgment after all three Soul Vessels have been defeated. A weight will be placed above the heads of all players. You must balance the scales by shifting the appropriate amount of weight from one side of the arena to the other. Keep in mind that the Soul Vessels will not move, and their weights will be roughly equivalent to five to six players. Moving to the opposite side of the arena as the Soul Vessel your Alliance defeated is the best strategy to balance the scales. Nald'Thal will cast Tipped Scales after a few moments of balancing, causing deadly damage if the scales are not balanced.

Phase 3:

Nald'Thal will use all of the attacks from the previous phase, as well as one new attack, Hearth Above, Flight Below. Stand outside the point-blank AoE and group up with the player targeted with a stack marker if the wall is orange. If the wall is blue, the three targeted players should first stand inside the point-blank AoE next to Nald'Thal, then swiftly sprint to the arena's boundaries to dodge their pursuing AoEs.

Aglaia will be complete once Nald'Thal is conquered. Congratulations! You've completed the first of the Myths of the Realm Raids.

Oh sweet, sweet loot

A chest will drop after defeating each boss. Each chest will contain 2 pieces of gear for a specific type of job. Additionally, once per week, upon completing the raid, you will get an Aglaia Coin which you can trade for Radiant Twine and Radiant Coating. All gear will drop at item level 560.

Rewards obtainable from Nald’Thal


· Aglaia Coin (once per week)
· Pilgrimage Orchestrion
· Radiance
· In the Balance
· Wind-Up Azeyma minion
· Nald Card Triple Triad Card

Tank Armor:

· Panthean Circlet of Fending
· Panthean Cuirass of Fending
· Panthean Gauntlets of Fending
· Panthean Cuisses of Fending
· Panthean Sollerets of Fending

Healer Armor:

· Panthean Hat of Healing
· Panthean Robe of Healing
· Panthean Armguards of Healing
· Pantheon Skirt of Healing
· Pantheon Skirt of Healing
· Pantheon Sollerets of Healing

Melee DPS Striking Armor:

· Panthean Circlet of Striking
· Panthean Corselet of Striking
· Panthean Gauntlets of Striking
· Panthean Hose of Striking
· Panthean Sollerets of Striking

Melee DPS Maiming Armor

· Panthean Circlet of Maiming
· Panthean Corselet of Maiming
· Panthean Gauntlets of Maiming
· Panthean Hose of Maiming
· Panthean Sollerets of Maiming

Melee DPS Scouting Armor:

· Panthean Wimple of Scouting
· Panthean Mail of Scouting
· Panthean Armguards of Scouting
· Panthean Cuisses of Scouting
· Panthean Sollerets of Scouting

Ranged DPS Armor:

· Panthean Wimple of Aiming
· Panthean Mail of Aiming
· Panthean Armguards of Aiming
· Panthean Cuisses of Aiming
· Panthean Sollerets of Aiming

Caster DPS Armor:

· Panthean Hat of Casting
· Panthean Robe of Casting
· Panthean Armguards of Casting
· Panthean Skirt of Casting
· Panthean Sollerets of Casting


All in all, this is a very fun raid. I am excited to see what Alliance raid comes next and what other gods of the twelve we face. I hope this guide helped you conquer the raid and don’t forget: You can easily buy FFXIV Gil, items and tons more, safe and fast, right here at SSEGold.com.