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The Fastest Ways to Earn Nook Miles Tickets

How to get Nook Miles Tickets Fast

Have you ever wondered how some players have 1000+ Nook Miles Tickets in their Animal Crossing: New Horizons game? We’ll share with you the easiest way to earn Nook Miles Tickets fast and make your game experience significantly better!

It is no surprise to anyone that Animal Crossing: New Horizons is one of the hottest games on the Nintendo Switch system. This game sensation captured the hearts of many fans, new and old alike. With the abundance of villagers, the myriad of bugs, sea creatures, and fish to discover, as well as the heaps of new furniture designs - the possibilities for creativity are near endless.

Nook Miles is a new point system in AC:NH that rewards you for completing simple tasks around your town. Tasks like watering your flowers, picking up fruits, and digging up fossils can net you a couple of hundred Nook Miles.
These Nook Miles can be further used to buy and unlock many other exclusive features. These include the tool ring for 800 Nook Miles, the custom design pro editor for 800 miles, the top 8 pop & cool hairstyles for 2,400 miles each, the Ultimate Pocket Stuffing or 8,000 miles, the Pretty Good Tool Recipes for 3,000 miles, and many more recipes!

Here, we will show you some neat tricks and features that can get you Nook Miles Tickets fast. 

By the end of this article, we will share with you one simple tip that nets you tickets the fastest. So stick around for that!

Visit the Nook Stop terminal daily

First up is the slowest but most reliable of the Nook Miles ticket generators! Inside the town hall, you can interact with the Nook Stop terminal that charges and dispenses Nook Miles. This can be used to purchase Nook Mile Tickets. Every day, you can get increasing bonuses in the form of Nook Miles, capping out at 300 Nook Miles on the seventh and subsequent days. With enough patience, you can accumulate enough to reach the 2,000 miles required to buy a single Nook Miles Ticket. It’s not much, but it’s honest work.

Too slow? If you have Nintendo Online, getting easy and cheap tickets is also more than possible.

Host catalog services online

With a Nintendo Switch system having access to Nintendo Online, acquiring Nook Mile Tickets gets so much easier. If you have in-demand animal crossing items like a complete furniture set, all colors of a catalogable item, or even just one specific article of clothing - there is bound to be somebody who will be willing to pay a couple of NMTs for your troubles. And if you don’t have anything worth offering to people yet, don’t worry! There are many ACNH marketplaces like Nookazon that can shape up your catalog list. Then, you can use your purchases to create your catalog service yourself! 

With a complete set, you could be earning up to 5 NMT per customer. So much quicker than grinding slow tasks!

Sell craftable DIY services 

During the daytime, one of your villagers will be in their house crafting a random, personality-exclusive DIY recipe. Oftentimes, you may even score some high-demand recipes that other players would pay a pretty penny for. If you scour the right places on the Internet, you can find interested people willing to pay Nook Miles Tickets. 

If you do get spare recipes, you can also keep them in your house and sell them in-game to others later. All you have to do is open your gates. Simple, right?

Sell your villagers to other players

Jokingly referred to as the Animal Crossing villager black market, many popular villagers go for hundreds of Nook Miles Tickets. At the game’s peak, the most popular and rarest of the villagers like Judy and Raymond breach even the thousand tickets mark. This is more than enough tickets to keep you busy in your island-touring escapades. If you have popular villagers like Raymond, Audie, or Marshal moving away, posting them for sale on online trading forums or social media once they are in boxes is a surefire way of getting Nook Miles Tickets fast. 

Enter the Stalk Market

Yup, stalk, not stock. And although timing the market in real life isn’t always the best approach in real life - in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, it is no problem at all. If Daisy Mae sells you turnips for 90 bells a pop, be sure to keep your Dodo Code on the ready. Many willing buyers will want to buy from your Daisy Mae if it means saving a few bucks!

Additionally, this works vice versa too. If you are experiencing a spike in turnip prices, you will find a lot of people will be willing to spend their Nook Miles Tickets just to enter your town. Even if you open your gates for free, many folks are willing to tip Nook Miles Tickets out of kindness! It sure pays off to be nice.

Any questions?

Let me let you in on a little secret. Have you ever wondered how people manage to horde thousands of tickets at a time? Some services allow you to purchase Nook Miles Tickets in real life without needing to work for it in-game. If you are strapped for time and would prefer to buy cheap Nook Miles ticket, you can do just that. 

By buying hundreds of cheap tickets, you get to save countless hours farming endlessly and instead put your complete focus on building your perfect town. Who wouldn’t want to save their time for a really small, one-time fee?

We hope that we have shed some light on the fastest way to earn Nook Miles Tickets! Whether you are hunting for your dream villager or finding the elusive tarantula island, we hope your hunt will be significantly easier. And remember - if you want to avoid grinding for tickets altogether, there are cheap ticket services readily available.

Take care!