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13 Types of Animal Crossing Islands You Will Encounter

Hey guys, I know most of you have been playing Animal Crossing for a while now. You might have been to all the Animal Crossing islands when you out for meeting new villagers, material collecting and maybe just for a random touring. In this article, I'm going to talk about different types of Animal Crossing island you will get chance to travel and show map of each AC island. Some are good for gaining great fortune and some are perfect for material collecting. Just to notice, these are the information I gathered from the internet and from my play in the game. I'm here to share and make our gaming experience more fun. Without further ado, let's get started!

Introduction of 10+ Types of Animal Crossing Islands

1. Fruit island

On Animal Crossing Fruit island, there are ONLY fruit trees planted here. You will have different kinds of fruits, such as apples, peaches and oranges. So don't forget to have a good harvest and sell them for a great fortune if you need bells for your constructions! Oh, keep in mind, try to shake the trees, for every island your visit, there must have a furniture or ACNH item falling down from one of the trees.
Occurrence rate of Animal Crossing Fruit Island: 9% (common)

2. Big Fish Island

On Animal Crossing Big Fish island, there are only size 4+ fish and hybrid flowers. You will get the chance to earn a great fortune by catching monsters such as Oarfish (worths 9000 Animal Crossing bells), Blue Marlin (10,000 bells), Dorado (15,000 bells) and so on. One small tip: try to prepare as many as fish baits, and catch those most valued fish in the pond or at the pier.
Occurrence rate of Animal Crossing Big Fish Island: 2~3% (rare)

3. Normal Island

Animal Crossing Normal islands are just common ones. Normally, they have two layers. There are one fountain and one river mouth. Usually, the one you encounter will have same variety of flowers (yeah, that means no rare hybrids) on your island. Ocean species, insects are also common in the wild. However, just like I said before, don't forget to shake one of those trees and you should have one furniture or item falling down. Oh, careful for the bees!
Occurrence rate of Animal Crossing Normal Island: 9% (common)

4.Fins (Shark) Island

In the middle of this Animal Crossing Fins island, there's a three-layer mini island which just looks like a fin on the back. On this one, you will get to fish all the current season's sharks and fin fish. So, gain a great fortune by catching them as many as you can!

Occurrence rate of Animal Crossing Fins Island: 1% (super rare)

5. Bamboo Island

As this Animal Crossing island name indicates, this island only has bamboo trees. You can dig some bamboo shoots out. This island also contains coconut trees on the beach. By the way, I got my dear friend - Apollo on this island. Cheers!
Occurrence rate of Animal Crossing Bamboo Island: 10% (common)

6. Bells Island

Gotta dig that money out. At Animal Crossing Bells Island, it's time to dig bells! The characteristic of this type of island is that there are 5 rocks in the center of the lake. Each rock contains over 16,000 bells. So don't forget to bring your shovel, axe or vaulting pole with you.
Occurrence rate: 5% (semi-rare)

When I was gathering information of this fortune island, I read about there are people who have been to another type of Bells island. There are 4 high lands on each corner of the whole island. There are in total 7 rocks that you can dig out with bells. If you are lucky enough to visit the island, please comment below and share your experience with me!
Occurrence rate: 2% (very rare)

7. Spiral Island

Animal Crossing Spiral Island is named after its bit different look of having a spiral shape in the center. Maybe you will have a chance to discover a fossil located in the center of the spiral. It's a rare fossil and sells for a high price but the possibility is random and does not 100% guaranteed.
Occurrence rate of Animal Crossing Spiral Island: 9% (common)

8. Trash Island

Fishing on this AC Trash island where you only can get trash is fun. Lots of people want to avoid this one, however, catching giant water bugs in the pond can earn yourself 2000 bells each. In all, it's not a bad idea to gain a proper amount of fortune. Additionally, by increasing the frequency you fish the trash, you will get more DIY books about trash. So, actually there are some good sides about this island.
Occurrence rate of Animal Crossing Trash Island: 5% (semi-rare)

9. Pond Island

Fishing is easy here. On AC pond island, fishing is easy due to the broader angle of the geo map. Most importantly, you are very likely to fish koi here. One koi sells for 4000 bells! So, try to fish them as many as you can! They have large fish shadows (around size 4, see chart above). What's more, there are gold fish too, sells for 1300 bells (super small fish shadow, size 1).
Occurrence Rate of Animal Crossing Pond Island: 9% (common)

10. Falls Island

There's a fall at the entrance. This one contains many waterfalls. You'll see one right in front of you at the entrance as soon as your landing. You can find lots of Sturgeon, String Fish, Golden Trout, and other river fish here. Especially for String Fish, you can sell for 15,000 bells each! Fish well.
Occurrence Rate of Animal Crossing Falls Island: 5% (semi-rare)

11. Tarantula Island

Animal Crossing Tarantula Island is named this because you will find infinite Tarantulas here. It is composed of a central aisle surrounded by an octagonal stream that you can jump to without a pole. Wait until the dawn, pack your net and catch them as many as you can! It's a precious chance to become a millionaire!
Occurrence Rate of Animal Crossing Tarantula Island: 1% - 2% (super rare)

12. Hybrid Flower Island

Pink roses! One-layer island. In the center, there's a big pond. Usually, there are two types of hybrid flowers planted here. You will find some primary (original-colored) flowers and secondaries (hybrids). The lake contains many (Koi) Carp, and you can also catch some Emperor Butterflies on the tree trunk.
Occurence rate of Animal Crossing Hybrid Flower Island: 2% (super rare)

13. Gold Island (Scorpion Island)

Fainted infinite times, again. This one is a super rare island. In the middle of the AC Gold island, you can find a rock with eight gold nuggets. Exclusive to the summer time, the island contains an infinite amount of scorpions, which is a great chance to earn fortune. Locating around the middle pond, is where the scorpions come out.

Oh, there's another type of island contains scorpions. I haven't get the luck to tour on this one. According to the internet, it's a circular map with four hills in every corner. This one contains six rocks and you can dig out more than 16,000 bells of them. Don’t forget to bring your ladder, vaulting pole and other necessary tools with you.
Occurence rate of Animal Crossing Scorpion Island: 1% (super rare)

What other tips you want to know about Animal Crossing Islands? Feel free to share with us and we will update new things next time. Stay tuned!