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Diablo IV: Best Ways to Farm Gold

Are you looking for the most effective way to farm gold for your Diablo IV endeavors, and are you still determining the most suitable method for your gameplay? Look no further - you are in the right place. In this article, we will look into the fastest way to obtain gold in Diablo IV as well as introduce the other profitable options to keep an eye out for in the game, such as the Treasure Goblin. In case you want to learn about other guides related to Diablo IV, make sure to check our website for more content. 

Gold Makes the World Go Around

You may be wondering why you need to farm gold in the first place. The answer to that goes: you do not need to, but it surely helps. Gold in Diablo IV is used not only for selling and buying items but also for upgrading and repairing your current gear. As your character levels up, the difficulty of enemy encounters scales significantly up. Upgrading your gear helps to diminish the sudden increase of enemy difficulty.

Moreover, gold is a vital component for crafting, so if you wish to craft items that are otherwise unobtainable throughout the game, you will need to gather some gold first.
Tip: Remember, there are many valuable items in the game that can be easily turned into gold. Selling rare or legendary items is possibly the most profitable way to obtain riches.

Killing for the Gold

Same as for most RPGs, the obvious method is killing the enemy monsters in Diablo IV, which can grant you loot in the form of gold, gear, and some valuable crafting supplies. You can apply this method while doing quests or exploring; however, the rule is the higher the number of enemies, the more gold you can farm. Therefore, the best location for farming enemies is in the dungeons, where a player has the possibility to kill the monsters and elites, grab all the rare items and other loot, reset the dungeon for more runs, and later sell all the useless gear to the town vendors. Dungeons scale to your level, so even while playing as a low-level character you should be able to clear the dungeon.
Tip: You can easily reset your dungeon by opening your map journal and clicking the “Reset Dungeons” at the bottom. Keep in mind that your character has to leave the dungeon instance first.

One of the most popular dungeons among players for gold farming is Anica’s Claim, a dungeon situated south of Bear Tribe Refuge. The layout of this dungeon allows you to follow the circle route and collect rare and legendary items from elite enemies on the way. You can opt for skipping the bosses, as they are not manageable for just one player. After you are done with clearing the route, you can simply reset the dungeon and repeat the process for more gold and other valuables.

Greed Shrines Are Generous

Although we have already mentioned that killing enemies may provide quite a fortune, let us acquaint you with Greed Shrines. As you may know, shrines in Diablo IV grant your character a unique temporary boost. Greed Shrines can be found randomly in Sanctuary and in the dungeons and their effect causes enemy monsters near the Shrine to drop gold every time they are hit by the player for the duration of thirty seconds. This way, you may obtain plenty of gold in just half a minute.

Tip: To maximize the profit, gather a group of enemies around the Shrine before activating it. You will harvest all the gold while striking them down.

Another Man’s Treasure

Selling rare and magic items to the vendor is an effective way of making money. Although Diablo IV allows you to salvage these items to gain crafting material in return, once you are full on crafting supplies, you can turn the excess items in for gold.

However, when it comes to legendary items, you should hold onto them. Some pieces of weapon and gear you may come by can be sought for with a low chance of dropping. And since Diablo IV incorporated the Player-to-Player Trading feature, dealing with legendary items can be highly profitable, especially during the endgame at level fifty.

Earning Renown Pays Off

Diablo IV also implemented a reputation system known as Renown, which offers advantages in power, skills, and other rewards. Each stage introduces different bonuses regarding extra experience and gold. We suggest pushing your character to Renown of 900, which unlocks the bonus of 25 000 gold reward. Also, you can gain this bonus on every single one of your characters.
Tip: You can increase your Renown through side quests, unlocking waypoints, and dungeon runs.

Mysterious Treasure Goblin

Another random spawn to look out for is a Treasure Goblin. Apparently, this monster is supposed to drop some of the most unique items, for the Treasure Goblin carries a full bag of goodies waiting to be snatched away. Although this hypothesis has not been confirmed, we recommend you, once you spot him, try your luck and not let the Treasure Goblin get away. It may seem rather difficult to chase after a Treasure Goblin since he can open a portal and teleport away from you; however, if you manage to hit him, his effort to open a portal will fail, so the hunt continues. Rumors have it that defeating the Treasure Goblin rewards the player with awesome loot that may contain legendary items and mounts. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!


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