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Diablo 4 Feral Moon Guide

"Feral Moon" is a side quest in the expansive world of Diablo 4, set in the region of Scosglen. The quest begins in The Harrowfields, a zone within Scosglen. To unlock this quest, you must reach the Scosglen region in Act 2 by progressing through the main story and completing the Fields of Ruin side quest.

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The quest giver is a character named Edan, who will entrust you with the task of retrieving a Light-Blessed Amulet from Sarat's Lair Dungeon. This amulet is found on the body of a Slain Knight Penitent in the dungeon.

Then how to reach Sarat's Lair? Sarat's Lair is located in The Downs subregion of Scosglen. It's adjacent to Cerrigar and contains two dungeons, with Sarat's Lair being one of them. The dungeon has a labyrinth-style layout with narrow corridors. It's crucial to check your map frequently to avoid getting lost.

Your first task is to destroy the Silken Spires, which are structures that emit poisonous AoEs. These are relatively easy to dodge. Be prepared for an elite monster that will be summoned after the spire reaches a certain HP threshold. After destroying all the spires, the boss room will open up. The dungeon boss, Sarat, is a spider that summons Spider Hosts periodically. These hosts can summon more spiders when killed. Watch out for the webs and poison AoEs that Sarat shoots out. The webs can root you, making it difficult to avoid swarms of Spider Hosts or poison AoEs. Use abilities that make you unstoppable wisely and try to avoid the webs as much as possible.

The Light-Blessed Amulet, on the other hand, holds significant value for the quest giver, Edan. He believes that the amulet has the power to keep the wolves that are menacing him. Edan recounts that he saw a group of Cathedral Knights heading to Sarat's Lair to combat evil, and one knight possessed an amulet that seemed to have this quieting effect on the wolves.

Unfortunately, the knights never returned, prompting Edan to ask the player to retrieve the amulet. This amulet is in Sarat's Lair dungeon. As you explore the dungeon, keep an eye on the minimap for ablue waypoint that will appear when you are close enough to the Slain Knight Penitent who carried the amulet. Upon finding the knight's corpse, interact with it, and the amulet will drop in front of you.

After securing the amulet, you can choose to return directly to Edan or complete the dungeon before returning. Completing the dungeon's objectives is recommended to avoid revisiting later for other quests. Returning the amulet to Edan concludes the "Feral Moon" quest, rewarding you with renown points, experience, and gold, and potentially unlocking the "First Among Wolves" side-quest.

To efficiently complete the quest, here are some tips and tricks. Optimize your character's movement speed and damage output to quickly navigate through Sarat's Lair and defeat enemies.

Focus on the main quest objectives to avoid unnecessary fights that don't contribute to the quest's completion. Utilize traps and environmental hazards in the dungeon to deal with groups of enemies more efficiently. About character builds, choose skills that offer area-of-effect damage to handle groups of enemies, especially when dealing with the Spider Hosts summoned by Sarat. Incorporate crowd control abilities to manage large groups of enemies and interrupt the boss's attacks. Ensure your build has enough life leech or regeneration to maintain your health during fights. We also recommend gear that has Poison Resistance, Damage Modifiers and Survivability.

Remember, the right combination of strategy, build, and gear tailored to your playstyle can make a significant difference in completing the quest both efficiently and effectively. The quest reflects the dark and mystical atmosphere of Diablo 4, where players often encounter characters with their own stories and motivations that tie into the larger narrative of the world of Sanctuary. Edan's request to retrieve the amulet suggests a deeper significance to the item, possibly linked to the lore of the knights and the celestial forces they serve.

Completing such quests not only provides players with rewards but also deeper insights into the game's lore and the struggles within the world of Sanctuary. Happy gaming and good luck.