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Best New World Farming Locations

Amazon’s New World is just like every MMO RPG out there; you need to get gold. The difference between New World and most MMO RPGs is that crafting is 80% of the game, so players need to farm resource-heavy locations to gain as many resources as possible. This guide will show you the best New World farming locations to farm New World resources, gold, and experience.

What is New World Farming?

If you’re new to the MMO RPG genre, farming is quintessential to getting high volumes of resources and reaching max-level experience. Most MMO RPGs have locations in that other players’ contests because of their value. Farming or grinding means killing the enemies/animals in that area repeatedly to get as much exp or gold as possible in the shortest amount of time. Today we will be looking over New World's best farming locations so that you can save time reaching max level and gaining as much new world gold as possible. (Of course, you can buy cheap New World Gold at our store now!) 

Farming In New World VS Other MMOs

What makes New World different when it comes to farming? The beauty of farming in New World is that just because there are more people in the area doesn’t mean you get less loot and drops; it just means the respawn rates increase, allowing everyone to get loot. Another benefit is that you do not have to be the first to hit the mob to skin/loot it. Because of these reasons, New World handles farming in groups 10x better than many other MMO RPGs.

Experience farming in New World is better in a party; the more members, the more enemies you can pull. Most other MMOs force you to play selfishly with New World, the more, the merrier.

The Best New World Farming Locations

Let's move on to some of our best-recommended New World farming locations to farm exp, gold, and materials. New World has a ton of crafting; this means almost everything you loot from enemies can be used to craft. When farming these locations, remember to keep the best tools you can craft for skinning and hunting; there will be a lot of that in this list.


Boarsholm location (as seen above) is the perfect spot for farming thick hide and a ton of experience, especially if you’re low level. This location makes the number one spot on our list because of the sheer volume of enemies that spawn here, making skinning a dream to level. An added benefit to Boarsholm is that an elite often spawns, which guarantees rare or higher tier equipment or weaponry. You can farm upwards of 10 boars per minute. Keep in mind this location did get nerfed by Amazon, but it’s still the number one location to farm thick hides.


Oceanview is not the best for farming resources, but it can have great loot. This location is the prime location for the experience. The reason for its excellent experience yield is due to having circle camps. If you can find a group, have one player run into the two camps, gather all the mobs, and then AOE them all down at the entrance. Trust us, there is no faster way to level up weapons, and character levels than Oceanview.

3)Lodestone Lair

I hope you’re not scared of bears because Lodestone lair is chock-full of them. As we said earlier, New World utilizes a lot of crafting, and for crafting, you need materials. Lodestone Lair is incredible for raw meat, rawhide, and even decent gear drops. This location increases the respawn rate the more people are in the lair with you. This spot is quite possibly the ultimate skinning and cooking experience location but keep in mind; you should level up quite a bit more than you did for Boarsholm as bears are a lot higher level.

4)Fullmoon Den

Fullmoon Den is a location just off the coast of first light. This location is filled with wolves and is roughly the same as Lodestone Lair. The wolves in this location are recommended for level 6+ and are much easier to deal with than the bears; this makes it a great spot to farm skins, meat, and low-level equipment while being lower level.

There are rumors of an elite that spawns in this location, which guarantees rare or higher-tier weaponry or equipment, as discussed previously with Boarsholm.

5)Amrine Temple

The Amrine Temple located in Noblereach is last on our list. This location is excellent due to the high volumes of enemies which spawn. The community highly recommends this location for its high experience gains and great loot. This location is similar to our Oceanview in that its primary enemies are enemies that you can’t skin, but it’s densely packed, so if you’re looking for experience, look no further.

6)Everfall, the Northside

This starting location is perfect for farming iron ore, a quintessential material for early game crafting and late-game recipes. You will want to run around the edge and hillsides of the cliff to find all the nodes, but trust us, this location is by far the best for iron ore, meaning the best place to make gold in the early game.


New World’s farming locations are vast, but we wanted to show you our top 6 locations for experience and loot for quick gold. We hope you enjoyed our list; if you don’t enjoy farming for resources or doing the grind check out our store for amazing deals on all gold and experience boosts. With our fast, secure, and highly trusted store, you can spend time on things you enjoy in the New World instead of farming all day,early-game every day. As always, check out our other guides on New World. Happy Hunting!

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