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New World: Fishing Guide

Yeah, we know that you too, like us, are hooked on Amazon's hottest new MMO that is taking the world by storm. New World has a lot to offer to players, whether it is their crisp and modern graphics, seamless UI, or their unique character class progression.

And as you explore these intricacies of the game, you are sure to find aspects that you may struggle with. Some of it may definitely be the skills you have to master in the game, and one such skill that people find themselves struggling with is 'Fishing'!

Well, you've come to the right place, because our team of veteran gamers here at SSE Gold have come up with this New World: Fishing Guide to teach you all about the New World fishing basics, and more.

Ready to learn all about New World Fishing? Then let's hop right in!

How to Fish?

We know what you're thinking: all you need is a fishing pole and a pool of water, how hard can that be? But alas, it is not that simple. There are a lot of intricacies that go into New World fishing.

How to Get a New World Fishing Pole?

There are multiple methods to attain a fishing pole, just as there are a variety of fishing poles for you to collect, each being more valuable than the next.

 There also exist fishing gear, a New World fishing boat and New World fishing bait (that you will learn more of in the 'New World Fishing with Shields quest) which are mostly optional. Let us talk about the New World fishing basics with the different ways of attaining the New World fishing pole.

Through Quest Rewards

Within the fishing quest chain, the very first fishing quest rewards you with the 'Wooden Fishing Pole' after successfully completing it. You can accept this quest when just outside of Windward by the lake. If you continue with the Fishing Quest Chain, you can obtain a few more fishing poles, along with other important goodies including New World fishing bait.

Through Crafting

When using the Engineering skill, you can craft up to 5 of the New World fishing pole items, with the basic Wooden Fishing Pole able to be crafted even at level 0 Engineering.

Through Purchasing

Once you access the trading post, there should be a 'Tools' section. In that, click on 'Gathering Tools', in which you will find the basic New World Fishing Pole that you can purchase.

But yes, if you want to go by this option, you will have to use your New World gold to obtain the fishing pole. And considering most of you are just starting out as new players at this point, you probably don't have a lot of gold to spare. Lucky for you, that's where SSE Gold comes in.

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All About Fishing Hotspots

There are these tiny fishing pools that spawn within hotspot areas, which are called Fishing Hotspots. Immersing your New World fishing pole into these hotspots will increase your chances to snag rarer and more valuable fish.

Types of Fishing Hotspots

Everyone knows that the real catches are found in the New World fishing hotspots. If you have only run into Common fish until now, fishing hotspots can get you Uncommon, Rare, and Legendary fish as well. The higher the level of the hotspot, the better fish you will receive.

There exist 3 levels of hotspots:

Broad Hotspots

●Number of fish available: 30
●Respawn time: 20-30 minutes
●Common Fish: 45% probability
●Uncommon Fish : 40% probability
●Rare Fish: 10% probability
●Legendary Fish: 5% probability

Rare Hotspots

●Number of fish available: 20
●Respawn time: 30-45 minutes
●Common Fish: 0% probability
●Uncommon Fish : 65% probability
●Rare Fish: 30% probability
●Legendary Fish: 5% probability

Secret Hotspots

●Number of fish available: 10
●Respawn time: 45-90 minutes
●Common Fish: 0% probability
●Uncommon Fish : 20% probability
●Rare Fish: 70% probability
●Legendary: 10% probability

Hotspots also have a variety of miscellaneous benefits: when fishing in hotspots, you receive bites from fishes much quicker, especially if you are using the New World fishing bait that you first retrieve when doing the New World Fishing with Shields quest.

With the best bait and gear, you are also more likely to catch only the highest ranked fish, like exclusively getting Rare and Legendary fish from a single hotspot.

Hotspots are easily located on your map, given that you have begun leveling your fishing skill (If not, we have New World Powerleveling Service to help you). Simply look for fish icons in your regions, and the number of stars above them denote the level of the hotspot.

How to Level Up Your Fishing Skill Fast?

We are going to cut straight to the point: the quickest way to level up your fishing skill is by grinding at 2 star hotspots. Start fishing when the hotspot has spawned and continue fishing when it goes under cooldown, until it is back up again. Of course, while equipping the best baits and gear that boost the chances of getting more rare and bigger fish.

It is necessary that you equip gear and bait that boost your odds at catching rare and bigger fish because these are exactly what make your exp gain faster. The bigger and rarer your fish, the faster you level up your fishing skill.

But then you wonder, why 2 star hotspots and not 3 stars? It's simple: if you were to fish in 3 star hotspots, yes, you have a higher chance for Rare and Legendary fish, but keep in mind that the total fish available are only 8-10, and respawn time for it goes up to 40 minutes. So, the net total returns end up being higher with 2 star hotspots i.e. exp gain is faster in 2 star hotspots.

It is a similar concept with 1 star hotspots. While the number of fish are higher and the respawn time is lower than 2 star hotspots, the size and rarity of fish are just too poor, and it ends up being a slower method of gaining exp than 2 star hotspots.

So pack all your bait and gear and head on to those 2 star hotspots, folks!

And that's about it: our New World Fishing Guide completed. Liked what you read? Then browse through our website for similar content!

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