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How to Get the Botanist Weapons in Final Fantasy XIV

The massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) Final Fantasy XIV is widely known for immersing its players in an intricate, magical world full of missions, battles, and numerous opportunities for character growth. Finding specialized weaponry suited for every player's selected class or profession is one of the game's most thrilling features.

We'll go into the realm of botanist weapons in this tutorial, explaining what they are, where to locate them, and how to get your hands on them. If you need FFXIV gil while playing, you can buy it from SSEGold with low price.

Botanist Weapons in Final Fantasy XIV

The Botanist class has a unique set of weapons, commonly referred to as "tools," at their disposal. These specialized instruments are essential for the gathering and cultivation of plants and trees in Eorzea's varied ecosystems. They are mainly categorized in 2 categories: Primary and Secondary tools.

The Primary Tools:

These range from the rudimentary Weathered Hatchet to the high-level Deadknife. These tools are vital for logging, often used to cut trees and harvest their resources.
As Botanists increase in levels, they can upgrade to more effectively designed primary tools, each offering better gathering capabilities, which makes them vital in the gathering of high-level materials.

Secondary Tools:

These are another set of instruments that the Botanists employ. Available from level 10, secondary tools like Weathered Scythe or Steel Sickle aid in the reaping or cutting of plants. Higher-level tools like Katana of the Round are made available as botanists advance, allowing them to gather more efficiently.

Lastly, the botanists also carry Tertiary Tools or 'Off-Hand,' which provide a significant boost to a Botanist's gathering and perception stats. These include equipment like the Weathered Pickaxe or the Militia Sledgehammer.
Such tools increase the botanist's chances of collecting high-quality items, thereby strengthening their overall effectiveness.

Quest Locations and Coordinates in FFXIV

First of all, you must first find the right mission to begin your quest for a Botanist Weapon. Here are just some of the primary quest centers' coordinates since these quests are often located in large cities:

1. Gridania is the main center for botanists and is where most of your class-related quests may be found. Old Gridania, Ishgard Foundation, Central Shroud, North Shroud, Western La Nonscia, and the Sea of Clouds are some of the popular gathering locations fo the loot in Grindania.

Coordinates:[X5.2; Y4.2][ X6; Y7 ][X6.5; Y7.8] [X6;Y8][X9;Y11]

2. Ul'dah – Although less popular among botanists, Ul'dah also provides some botany-related tasks. Another city to investigate for Botanist missions is Limsa Lominsa.

Now, to begin your Botanist Weapon quest, be sure to stop by the corresponding quest NPCs in these cities.

Final Fantasy XIV Botanist Weapons Obtaining Procedures

Now that you know your main bases Let's get into the technicalities of getting Botanist Weapons as you now know where to obtain them:
1. Class Quests:
Class quests are where your hunt for Botanist Weapons truly begins. These tasks, which are accessible every five levels, frequently entail obtaining particular things or eliminating monsters. Your first Botanist Weapons will be awarded to you for completing these objectives.

2. Market Board and Vendors:
If you want to find something more quickly and have more Gil, search the Market Board thoroughly or go explore the vendors in big cities. Choose carefully because the standard and stats of the weaponry can vary a wide range.

3. FATEs:
Play the FATEs that pop up on your map. Even though FATE awards are unpredictably distributed, you might run upon situations that give out Botanist Weapons. To succeed in FATEs, you as the player must cooperate.

4. Dungeon and Raid Drops:

High-level dungeons and raids provide the opportunity to obtain Botanist Weapons as drops for those wanting a tougher challenge. Join forces with other intrepid souls, take on these difficult obstacles, and pray to receive a lucky drop.

5. You can make your Botanist weapons:

If you possess the talents of a botanist and those of another crafting class. You can design a unique Botanist Weapon according to your preference and personality after gathering resources from the environment using your botany abilities.

6. Trading Company Seals:

Grand Company members can also get Grand Company Seals by taking part in a variety of events. The Grand Company Quartermaster will accept these Seals in exchange for Botanist Weapons in addition to other things.

7. Events and Seasonal Rewards:
Pay close attention to unique in-game occasions and holiday celebrations. Limited-time events are periodically added to Final Fantasy XIV, including special rewards like Botanist Weapons. Taking part in these activities will increase your collection.

As a result, obtaining Botanist Weapons in Final Fantasy XIV needs a mixed combination of finishing class quests, taking part in different in-game events, and possibly even creating your own.

These weapons will improve your skills as well as make your gathering missions more effective whether you are an experienced gatherer or you are just beginning your career as a Botanist. Good luck, explorer, and may your Botanist Weapons be of great use to you in your botanical endeavors!