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WoW Season of Discovery Ashenvale Mount Guide

Wow Season of Discovery is a new seasonal experience for World of Warcraft Classic that was announced at BlizzCon 2023. It allows players to explore Azeroth and find special runes that can alter their class abilities and create unique builds. It also features a progressive level cap, reimagined dungeons and raids, and new PvP events.

PvP in WoW Season of Discovery is a new way to experience player versus player combat in World of Warcraft Classic. It offers several benefits and incentives for players who enjoy PvP, such as:
A progressive level cap that allows you to level up and unlock new abilities and gear as you rank up in PvP.
New runes that can modify your class abilities and create unique builds for PvP scenarios.
New PvP events in Ashenvale and Warsong Gulch that reward you with Honor points, reputation, and exclusive gear and mounts.
A more flexible and forgiving PvP ranking system that does not penalize you for taking a break from the game.

Among these, the Ashenvale Mount is the most wanted as it is a special mount that can only be used in the Ashenvale zone for PvP purposes. It grants you a 50% movement speed boost, which can help you travel faster and escape from enemies. But you must be noticed that you will be dismounted if you take any damage.

How to get the Ashenvale Mount in WoW Season of Discovery?

To get this mount, you need to reach Friendly reputation with your faction's Ashenvale PvP faction, either the Warsong Outriders (Horde) or the Silverwing Sentinels (Alliance). You can earn reputation by participating in the Battle for Ashenvale PvP event, which occurs every two hours and lasts for 30 minutes. The event involves capturing and defending towers and killing enemy players. You can also earn reputation by completing daily quests from the Ashenvale PvP vendors in your capital city.

Once you reach Friendly reputation, you can buy the Ashenvale mount from the Ashenvale PvP vendors for 10 Gold. By the way, if you don't have enought WoW SoD gold to get the mount, you can buy it from SSEGold. The Horde vendor is Kelm Hargunth, who is located at the Mor'shan Base Camp in the northern part of the Barrens. The Alliance vendor is Illiyana Moonblaze, who is located at the Silverwing Grove in the southern part of Ashenvale.
I hope this helps you with your PvP adventure in WOW Classic Season of Discovery.