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The Be All End All Guild Wars 2 Leveling Guide

A Guild Wars 2 Leveling Guide! You asked for it, and you get it!

Well, maybe you didn't ask for it, but that doesn't take away from all the juicy insider information we've got waiting for you!

Maybe you're a newbie who simply needs help leveling, or an experienced player who wants to try out new characters but hates the chore of leveling up so damn slowly.

Either way, you're in luck. Our team at SSE Gold, consisting of advanced Guild Wars 2 players have come up with this guide to help you get going and reach the endgame in no time!

General Methods and Tips

In this GW 2 Leveling Guide, before delving into the specifics of each character and their leveling builds, let us learn about the general methods, tips and tricks that can be applied to any character you're playing.

Personal Story

If you are a fan of good lore and storytelling in games, you already have the incentive to complete your character's personal story; but if that wasn't enough, doing your personal story also gives you worthwhile gear, improvement of your skill as a player, and most importantly, experience.


Crafting is an amazing method to quickly gain levels. Theoretically, crafting is the fastest way to level in Guild Wars 2 as it is possible to easily reach to level 80 with crafting alone, which tells you just how potent this method is.

Leveling and working on your profession in crafting will give you experience and enable you to eventually level up. Simple enough, right?

Experience Scrolls/Boosters

Scrolls: Ever pondered on what the GW 2 fastest way to level actually is (apart from crafting)? Scrolls just might be it. These are one-of-a-kind consumables that give you instant level boosts, one type of scroll boosting you to level 20, and the other to level 30, which are priceless boosts that you cannot pass up on.

Boosters: For one Laurel, you can buy an experience booster from a Laurel Vendor. once purchased, these boosters increase your base exp gain rate based on different activities that give you experience; not as impressive as the scrolls, but very useful nonetheless.

Exploring the Map

Determined by your character's race, you will start out in different areas of the world, all connected by Lion's Arch, a portal hub. From there, you can begin exploring.

Exploring and finishing off the areas that you have previously been through guarantees you quick progression in your levels, while also providing you will ample resources and gold you can use to better your character and further lighten the burden of the leveling process. (You can also choose to buy cheap GW2 Gold at our store!)

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Guild Wars 2 Character Guide:

And now, let us dive into the specific leveling builds for our Guild Wars 2 Leveling Guide.


The Mesmer is not too DPS-oriented, and neither is she very self-sufficient to be comfortably playing solo, which is why you need to be focusing on Illusions and Dueling specs, and ones which are especially damage-oriented.

Her lack of self-sufficiency can be offset by utilizing Signet of the Ether, which is one of her best tools for self-healing, and makes leveling less of a daunting task.


What the Guardian lacks in offensive prowess, he makes up for in his defenses, so leveling with the Guardian is easy as long as you build him the right way.

Unscathed Contender is a trait you need to have on him, while also possessing Radiance, Virtues and Zeal. Your skills need to be DPS-oriented so you have enough damage output to balance with your bulk. Spirit Weapons and Symbols are two great options.


In this mini Hunter leveling guide, we won't beat around the bush: get the Marksmanship and Beast mastery specs ASAP while capitalizing on the sheer force of your pet companions.

Potent Ally, Hunter's Gaze and similar traits work well for the Hunter's DPS. Using Signet of the Wild for utility and Beastly Warden to turn into a tank also work in your favour.


Unlike with the Hunter leveling guide, you want to focus on Discipline as your specializations with Strength as the next priority with the Warrior. Having traits like Berserker's Power will provide you with the damage you'll need to power through early and mid-game.

As for utility skills, you have a plethora of options such as Signet Might, Bull's Charge, and so on that help with survivability by a lot.


How would this be a GW 2 leveling guide without talking about the Engineer? He is best suited with builds that include Firearms and Explosives as primary specializations. These two, along with a couple of others, provide the necessary damage output that you need to get through the early and mid-game with relative ease.

You might, however, want to steer clear from the Engineer if you are a new player. With an absurd amount of kits and skills that are required to have him be viable, you are better off starting with a simpler character.


Your main focus with the Thief should be on dealing damage as quick as possible, as this is already supported by the fact that the Thief does not have skill cool downs. By using Double Daggers and investing into damage specs like Deadly Arts, you should be leveling smoothly and capping in no time.

Further utilize traits like Executioner and Dagger Training to boost your insane damage output to unforeseen heights.


The Revenant can be hard for enemies to wear down when equipped with traits like Incensed Response and Unsuspecting Strikes as you will be dealing with them before they can blink.

Using dual swords along with Invocation and Devastation is a leveling build that is ideal for anyone wanting to optimally utilize the Revenant and have fun with it too.


If you want to be unorthodox and try out a ranged Elementalist, you can go ahead with using a staff. It will help you with survivability while leveling, at the cost of reduced damage.

When using a physical weapon, having Arcane as your specialization is amazing as you can utilize traits like Bountiful Power and Arcane Precision that help with your DPS role.


With the Necromancer, we recommend going for the scepter as your primary weapon for increased survivability with the dagger in the back. Make sure to equip, ideally, multiple summons in your slots as that proves to be the Necromancer's main selling point.

Utilizing Spite and Death Magic as your main specs should be the way to go, as they flow well with a minion-focused build.

And there you go, our ultimate Guild Wars 2 Leveling Guide! Liked our content? Be sure to scroll through our website for similar stuff!