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FFXIV Ocean Fishing Full Guide

Ocean fishing in FFXIV is a vital activity for leveling the Fisher class, offering a communal and engaging experience. It provides significant experience points, unique mounts, minions, and other rewards based on points earned during fishing voyages. Participating with others increases the chances of triggering beneficial events like spectral currents, enhancing the overall yield and enjoyment. In this article, we will offer you an all-round guide about ocean fishing so you could have a beloved pastime in the rich and immersive world of Eorzea.

How to unlock ocean fishing in FFXIV?

Firstly, there’s actually no requirement of high fisher level to start it, Level 1 is OK. To unlock ocean fishing, you need to start with the quest "All the Fish in the Sea" given by NPC Fhilsnoe in Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X:7.8 Y:14.5), while the pre-requisite quest for this is "My First Fishing Rod". Then speak with Dryskthota on the Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X:3.0 Y:12.7) to register for ocean fishing voyages every 2 hours.

About Equipment , Bait, Fishing locations

We recommend using gear that boosts your Gathering and Perception stats and don’t forget to use a Cast macro which can be helpful for timing your catches, especially during spectral currents (we’ll explain it in the following part of this guide) where specific baits are more effective. Remember to upgrade your gear as you level up to improve your fishing success.

For purchasing baits, talk to the Merchant & Mender on the Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X:3.2 Y:12.8) or onboard the Endeavor (X:6.1 Y:6.1). Different baits are used to attract various types of fish. There are mainly 3 common baits (Ragworm, Krill, Plump Worm) and 12 locations the ship can sail to when you board it for ocean fishing, but for every round it will only stop at three. You need to talk to the NPC named Dryskthota to see the boat’s schedule. Below are more details: Straights of Merlthor, Northern Strait of Merlthor, Kugane Coast) and catching a variety of fish during the day.

Krill: Ideal for night fishing and earning high points during spectral currents in most locations (Bloodbrine, Lower One River, Southern Strait of Merlthor, Ruby Sea).
Plump Worm: Generally used to trigger spectral currents in certain locations (Galadion, Rhotano, Rothlyt, Sirensong Sea) and is particularly effective during sunset fishing.

About Spectral Currents

Spectral Current is a special event that significantly increases the chance of catching rare fish, thus boosting points. To trigger it, players must catch certain "spectral" fish that appear randomly. Once triggered, the current allows for the capture of high-point fish not found elsewhere.

To maximize catches during a Spectral Current, you should use the most effective bait for the current location and time of day. Pay attention to the bite strength indicated by exclamation marks; stronger bites often mean rarer fish and utilize skills like "Patience" and "Double Hook" to increase the quality and quantity of fish caught.

These strategies can help you score higher points and earn better rewards during ocean fishing expeditions. Remember, teamwork is key, as the actions of all players contribute to triggering and sustaining the Spectral Current.

About Point System and Rewards

In FFXIV's ocean fishing, points are earned based on the type and size of fish caught. The point system is designed to reward players for catching a variety of fish, with rarer species granting more points. Spectral fish and those caught during Spectral Currents yield higher points.

Rewards are distributed according to the total points earned and may include experience points, which are beneficial for leveling up the Fisher class, as well as unique items like minions and mounts. For instance, scoring 5,000 points in a single voyage rewards the Shark minion, and 10,000 points earn a special mount. The system encourages exploration of different fishing locations and techniques to maximize points and rewards. 

FFXIV Ocean Fishing Tips and Tricks

There are a few general mistakes you might make, especially as a new fisher. Avoid these can greatly enhance your ocean fishing experience and improve your rewards. We points them out here and offer you strategies to achieve higher scores and make your ocean fishing trips more productive. These include: Match the bait to the location and time, and change your bait based on the time of day during a Spectral Current to target the highest point fish exclusive to that period.

Be prepared for each spectral current and work with fellow fishers to trigger more for high-value fish.
Pay great attention to the time and weather. Certain weather conditions increase the chances of encountering high-point fish.
Be familiar with Utilizing Skills like 'Patience' and 'Double Hook', which can greatly increase catch quality and quantity.
Don’t forget to use Cast Macros which can Automate the timing of your casts to identify fish by bite strength. It’s very crucial for using Double Hook effectively.
Leave enough inventory so that you could not miss important catches.

The last suggestion we’d like to offer is, always stay updated with the latest community guides for any new tips or changes about ocean fishing. Ocean fishing in FFXIV is a rewarding journey that blends skill, patience, and camaraderie. For new fishers, it's a chance to dive into a serene yet exciting aspect of the game. Don't be daunted by the depth of the mechanics; the community is supportive, and the experience is gratifying. Each catch adds to your skill, and every voyage is a step towards mastering the seas. Cast your line, enjoy the tranquility, and relish the thrill of the catch. Buy FFXIV Gil from reliable sites like SSEGold when you need. Happy fishing!