• thank you! 2019-10-14
    thanks for it!
  • 2019-10-14
    Really fast service. Thanks!
  • SpartaL 2019-10-13
    Returning customer and I would definitely recommend. I ordered 5k gold for Guild Wars and they delivered it very quickly. Great service and customer service. I would recommend to other people for sure
  • BZ 2019-10-11
    Great price and speedy delivery. Customer service is really good. Thanks Rick for the good service.
  • Lance 2019-10-11
    I’ve ordered twice for WOW Classic and both orders were fast. I recommend them
  • LittleK 2019-10-11
    I’ve purchased twice from SSE Once about a month ago with a small test order which came within 12 hours and then a larger order to cover the cost of my mount on 10/08/19 and it arrived within an hour.
  • Rosuar 2019-10-11
    I ordered some Credits for Swtor. Paying was easy to do and the requested amount came really fast! :) I'm very happy with the delivery. Would buy again.
  • Anthony 2019-10-11
    Ordered 100g on classic WoW, it was traded to me in Org in 20 min! Super fast & easy, will def use again!
  • Deacon 2019-10-11
    Great prices, super reliable and excellent ***** customer service!
  • Oxy'Contin 2019-10-11
    Easy to use, no jumping through hoops. Fast and efficient delivery, and I can't say enough about the customer server !!
  • WoWnewb 2019-10-11
    Bought 200g for Classic Wow... Took a bit of time for delivery roughly 4 hours but the live chat was very polite and got me all squared away. Will order again.
  • Sinned 2019-10-09
    I bought gold for The Elder Scroll Online. 1 mill. gold got it after two hours. THANKS for the service RICK from sales :-)
  • Danny 2019-10-08
    So very happy with the service, fast and efficient! Thanks made a customer for life!
  • NobleOne 2019-10-08
    I bought gold for classic WOW and had it in my mail box 90min later. Good job guys and thanks.
  • Franco 2019-10-07
    Bought for wow classic, Very fast delivery, customer care and profissionalism, highly recommend
  • Sven-Olaf 2019-10-06
    Bought multiple times now on my server. Devlivery was very fast, contact is very awesome ( thx alot Rick ). I am very pleased about that service.
  • Rattleiik 2019-10-06
    Fast delivery, great service! Will definitely come back!
  • Darkàsher 2019-10-06
    EXCELLENT service and delivery times. Good communication and exactly what I ordered
  • Bani 2019-10-06
    Best Service!! Very fast and cheap 20minutes after i buy i got the Gold...
  • Brian21 2019-10-05
    Super fast ! Good service

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