• Anomaly 2018-10-29
    Good customer service
  • Voranil 2018-10-27
    Fast, smooth, and reliable. I've had great results with them and it makes helping friends out in the game a hell of a lot easier. 10/10.
  • Siblyx 2018-10-25
    100% reliable, always have delivered!
  • Siblyx 2018-10-25
    Used many many times. Sometimes have had to use chat support but they have always delivered.
  • Kisela 2018-10-19
    Fast and reliable, would recommend to a friend.
  • dzrnic 2018-10-16
    I've bought currency multiple times and I've never waited more than 20 minutes.Customer service is very nice and they will do everything to solve a problem if there are any.
  • Popo 2018-10-13
    Courteous and prompt! Lou and Lucie are great!
  • Welshm 2018-10-12
    Excellent service, polite and fast delivery! 10/10 - customer service was outstanding - the delivery was safe , fast , and well organised. Best site to buy from. Also good deals too! Rick has also be
  • Yoruichi 2018-10-08
    Very fast delivery and a fair price. Rick was very helpful. A+ seller.
  • nachten 2018-09-17
    Great, super fast service, and such a nice contact in support... clearly recommend them and surely will come back to them ;)
  • Paytowin 2018-09-13
    The best site to buy from, hands down. My experience buying from them was great! Unfortunately for me my purchase for gw2 gold was not successful, but Sali helped me get some compensation. Nothing but
  • EmptySpaces 2018-09-11
    Love this place for all my runescape gold needs. Chat is great. Always patient and helpful.
  • Dominic Jezierski 2018-09-10
    Very great experience with the site, and Sali is truly the best and the sweetest customer support you can deal with ....................................................................................
  • Thagr1nd1sreal 2018-09-08
    Always reliable and safe ! 100% legit
  • Denni 2018-09-08
    Ordered in the evening, had it delivered the next morning. Great service. Will come back for sure! Thank you guys.
  • oneguy 2018-09-07
    It took 6hours because of internet problems on their side but their support and team handled it well and got my order. thank you
  • Nick 2018-09-06
    This is actually Legit! Keep up the good work SSE !
  • USAFMisty 2018-08-31
    Really enjoyed how thorough and easy this process was
  • Ryosuke 2018-08-25
    Hey man these guys are legit, have gotten 2 orders already and delivered within 45m. Will probably come back
  • Ana1izer 2018-08-14
    Very fast and smooth delievery, very discrete, have orderes 2 times wothout problem

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