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  • Heliosmelios 2020-01-20
    Very safe good service
  • Solindar 2020-01-19
    I've used their srvces twice within 3 days, the way these guys communicate is out of my mind, they want to be absolutely sure you got all you wanted and purchased, since Ive had only email they was as
  • Rogu 2020-01-17
    very fast, reliable, extremely friendly and very good support :)
  • Bixy 2020-01-16
    Purchased WoW Classic gold several times now and always received them within 24 hours. Most of the time even less than 3 hours. Very happy for the service.
  • Frostmage 2020-01-15
    Very fast delivery for 1000g. Made very professional with some information text in the mail. Actually 10/10 would buy again :)
  • Cait 2020-01-13
    I was pleasantly surprised how wash and fast this was. I will definitely use again.
  • Fatpat 2020-01-12
    Very very very fast delivery i recomend!
  • The Sith Lord 2020-01-12
    Very fast delivery (up to hour due ingame mail system). Always happy to buy.
  • PoePlayer 2020-01-07
    Awesome service, fast delivery 10/10
  • Tsoula 2020-01-05
    Excellent service. Very safe and secure. Only major delay I had was when I was asked to verify my ID and my credit card as fraud protection. Once I had done that, no issues at all. Sometimes takes a b
  • Dilburtferdschmert 2020-01-04
    Very timely and friendly service. I placed two orders and got them both within the same day. Skeptical at first because of how shady these types of sites are, but was surprisingly satisfied with how s
  • Ironmig 2020-01-04
    Great delivery. Super fast, a few hours for 50 gold on wow clasic. I Will buy again for sure. Good job ssegold!
  • BigPop 2020-01-04
    Will definitely be back. Nice reliable safe site. Delivery was a tad slow but not mad at all. 10/10
  • Mc 2020-01-04
    great delivery and on time as needed unlike other sites.
  • Exclusive001 2020-01-03
    Hi happy new year, you did a excelent job with my fifa coins Always delivered ok time and with good prices. Your website is a place that i recomend. Thank for your good job and again happy new year
  • 60 War 2020-01-03
    Bought Classic gold and PoE Exalts. Both were delivered within an hour. Would recommend :)
  • Mankrik Rogue 2020-01-02
    Love this site. Always fast delivery, and if they are on stock mode they finish fast. Would 100% recommend!! Safe and secure
  • aleekah 2020-01-02
    have been purchasing gold from this site for quite awhile now nd very happy with communication and fast delivery...
  • Feli 2020-01-02
    Very fast and didnt need to know all my information like the other ones do! 10/10
  • The final order 2020-01-02
    I’ve bought Eso NA Xbox one gold from here many times I’ve bought up to over 4 million gold and have recieved it within 3 hours every time no problem. Will continue to buy gold when I need it.

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