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  • Voidsteel Helm(Divines-VR10)

    Voidsteel Helm(Divines-VR10)

    $ 63.00
  • Voidsteel Helm(Exploration-VR10)

    Voidsteel Helm(Exploration-VR10)

    $ 63.00
  • Voidsteel Helm(Infused-VR10)

    Voidsteel Helm(Infused-VR10)

    $ 63.00
  • Voidsteel Helm(Training-VR10)

    Voidsteel Helm(Training-VR10)

    $ 63.00
  • Voidsteel Helm(Well-Fitted-VR10)

    Voidsteel Helm(Well-Fitted-VR10)

    $ 63.00
  • Voidsteel Helm(Reinforced-VR10)

    Voidsteel Helm(Reinforced-VR10)

    $ 63.00
  • Voidsteel Helm(Impenetrable-VR10)

    Voidsteel Helm(Impenetrable-VR10)

    $ 63.00
  • Voidsteel Helm(Sturdy-VR10)

    Voidsteel Helm(Sturdy-VR10)

    $ 63.00

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The usual ESO Items include weapons, books, potions, ingredients, food, and keys. Weapons are necessary for defense, attack, and offense. Books consist of written materials and save scrolls. Potions are meant to be consumed for getting better energy and poisons are used upon enemies. Ingredients are the materials required to form potions. Food is used to obtain stamina, energy, and health. Keys are important to get access to dungeons, doors, containers, and houses. 

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