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Orcs Must Die! 2 Are We There Yeti? PC

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Go taking winter gloves out of the closet, because the wizard and the sorceress head to the icy northern lands to protect their fortresses. Get ready to defend the bastions of the new ice cavern from enemies that will make it very difficult for you! 

Ice Cavern!

  • Three levels with a new theme: the ice cavern.
  • Three new conversions in Survival mode!
  • The barricades do not stop your new and chilling enemies, the Yetis, who throw you icy splinters!
  • The goblin sapper walks through the level deactivating the traps you had placed ...
  • A novel weapon: the dwarf missile launcher, capable of making a lethal rain of mana fall on your enemies.
  • A new trap: the wall of stakes, which pierces your enemies and throws them into certain death.
  • A trinket never seen before: the guardian trinket, with which you will resurrect your fallen guardians in combat.
  • New costumes for the characters!
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