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Guild Wars 2 gameplay experience share 2015-11-04

I have 2 alts and I do play Guild Wars casually. when I attend uni I'm not online. I can very well tell you in the time I play as a casual I've acquired 4 legendaries and maxed out 1 char in ASC gear. ...

Heart of Thorns - Guild Wars 2 Experience Booster Guide 2015-11-03

This is a brief guide to introduce a list of experience boosters when players try to use in Heart of Thorns to maximize the mastery gain and where to get them.When playing Heart of Thorns, players hav ...

Aion vs Guilds Wars 2 2015-10-09

I have been playing Aion and Guild Wars 2 for a year or so, and I want to express some of my opinions about these two MMORPG games. Some conclusions are from my game experience. At the beginning ...