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WOW classic Phase 2 no Keyring 2019-11-14

WOW classic Phase 2 is here but unfortunately, the Keyring won't come."The Keyring will come to WoW Classic with our first patch to the game client later this year. We don’t yet have a certa ...

Classic Phase 2 Arrives November 12th and what to expect 2019-11-05

Blizzard has announced that Phase 2 of WoW Classic arrives on November 12th.While the Dire Maul dungeon came out in advance of Phase 2, there are still plenty of players starving for content — so this ...

Dire Maul Coming to WoW Classic on October 15th (Loot tables for all bosses attached) 2019-10-11

As is learned, game Director Ion Hazzikostas today talked about WoW Classic and Phase 2 in the latest Developer Content Update Preview. He confirmed that Dire Maul was, in fact, coming not in Pha ...