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Yoshida on FFXIV Stormblood Talking about Jobs, Roles, and PvP

In San Francisco in the USA and Hamburg, Germany, preview events for the next FFXIV expansion pack, Stormblood, were held. Yoshida on FFXIV Stormblood Talking about Jobs, Roles, and PvP.  And Ssegold.com to learn about the latest FFXIV 4.0 content.

FFXIV All tank Jobs can be used as main or off-tank?
Yoshida: When we developed Heavensward, we put a lot of time into dark knight, but without a new tank being introduced this time we were able to focus on balancing the existing tanks. To me, tanks have the job of keeping control of the targets. 

FFXIV Stormblood Roles
On my personal account, I play all the roles, and I like to have the feeling that I can play through instanced dungeons on my favorite role. I understand very well that there are players who enjoy and have been doing well with the stance switching to attack and immediately back to healing. If your party's healer isn't good with MP management, you can give them MP from a black mage, who has an unlimited pool of MP, during phases of a battle where you can't attack. Because of that, you have some leeway with MP, and you might decide to change your role actions up on healer so you remove one with an MP recovery effect and change it to something else for the situation. Also, if you have a margin with MP you can use it for further DPS. With the addition of role actions, you'll have a number of other actions you can take instead of the stance switch, so that will be one place to demonstrate your skills.

You'd like to have a free trial for PvP, so is that happening?

Yoshida:  I actually wanted everyone to be able to participate in PvP from level 1, but with classes still in the game currently we would then need to include classes in PvP which would make it more difficult to balance, so we intentionally avoided that. At level 30, players on a free trial would also be able to participate in PvP content, so we decided to reduce it to that level. This led to the idea that we didn't need to create a separate free PvP trial.

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