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Xbox 360 Action Game Ninety-Nine Nights Made into MMO

Do you remember Ninety-Nine Nights, the Xbox 360 action game that released in 2006? The Dynasty Warrior style hack-and-slash game will be made into MMORPG. Announced by the Taiwanese developer UserJoy Technology, free to play action MMO Ninety-Nine Nights Online is being developed by UserJoy and Q Entertainment(the developer of the original Ninety-Nine Nights) and scheduled for a Q1 2011 release. Currently the game doesn't have an official site or release an image.

The Xbox 360 title Ninety-Nine Nights tells the story about 99 nights of darkness after the orb that maintains the balance of the world is broken. Different races on the world begin to fight against each other until the end of the 99th night. Ninety-Nine Nights Online's story will start from the end of 99 nights where people begin to rebuild the world and start new adventures.

According to UserJoy, Ninety-Nine Nights Online will inherit the original game's graphic and combat style. Besides, the developer is making several distinctive races and classes and preparing unique stages and bosses for you. Stay tuned for more info about the game.