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WOW classic:Free character move on Oct.17

Coming on Oct.17 is a lor more free moves from pretty much all US and OC servers. There's no end date listed, however moves will be closed as soon as a target realm reaches high population. 

As a customer of ssegold or WOW gold buyer, you might have noticed that the delivery of WOW classic gold is not always that fast compared to it was before. It is partially because of the huge orders we got on the market and there's another important reason: There are less players in the realm you are in. Less players means less gold demand. When there's no or very little gold demand, seldom would professional gold farmers work for it, which directly lead to no gold supply. So when you make an order for such a realm, hardly could any gold seller completes it.

So this free character move is a very good chance if you happen to be in such a realm and you happen to buy WOW classic gold a lot. 

The following table shows you the details.