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WoW Classic Naxxramas Guide

Hey gamers, welcome to the WoW Classic Naxxramas Guide! This Naxxramas is a 40-men raid of Wow Classic located in the Eastern Plaguelands. There are five separate wings across which you will find 15 bosses that you and your 39 other raiders have to clear.

The release date of this game was 3rd December’2020.

But, mind it; this instance is the most difficult one so you will need 40 well-trained and well-equipped players for the successful completion. The instance has several incredible fights that become difficult with progress and the best part of this is the loot.

As mentioned earlier there are many bosses and they drop tokens for T3 equipment sets, shoulder enchants that you have to loot. For doing that, you may have to play multiple times.

This guide has been prepared to guide you through all those topics like attunement to Naxxramas, the way of entrance, preparation for the raid, and other detailed strategies. It is not an easy instance to complete, you have to gain a lot of knowledge before that. 

So, let's get started!


There is a requirement to complete a simple attunement quest before entering the raid. You should be attuned through the Argent Dawn by finishing “The Dread Citadel – Naxxramas.” Though there is a price involved it varies based on the reputation level.

After you have completed this quest, you can use the teleporter in Plauguewood for reaching Naxxramas.

Entrance to the Naxxramas

The entrance to the Naxxramas is by using the teleport spire after reaching the center of Plaguewood.

Navigation of the Naxxramas and familiar with the bosses.

Naxxramas has five wings out of which you can enter the four wings that include Abomination, Death Knight, Plague, and Spider. Once all the bosses have been killed, it will unlock the final bosses.

In each wing, the bosses must be killed in the correct order, as we have outlined below.

Raid Preparation

Since Naxxramas is a very difficult raid instance, hence it is better to prepare a group of 40 members with Tier2 or 2.5. It also needs to include tanks, healers, and specific classes with backup resistance gears for nature, frost, shadow, and fire damages.

Detailed Structure

Here we will have a look at all the wings of Naxxramas that features a giant-wheel structure.

●Arachnid Quarter or the Spider Wing Guides

It is the easiest quarter that you have to face with three bosses. 

Anub’ Rekhan –

This one is a challenging fight but three mechanics can be applied to overcome it easily. Among those three mechanics, the first one is the adds, Crypt Guards for which you will require 4 tanks. The second and third mechanics involve Locust Swarm and Impale. So, here your idea will be to avoid anyone close to the boss and run to the opposite side before he applies Locust Swarm.

Faerlina –

This is a simple fight, where you will have to mind control the adds around her for using their silence ability on their boss. This boss will have 6 adds around her of which 4 are worshippers while the other 2 are followers.

Maexxna –

This is the giant boss of this wing but can be easily killed with accurate playing strategies. You have to focus the adds before the boss, dispel the poisons instantly and make sure to possess a few DPS and healers.

Plaque Quarter or the Plague Wing Guides

This plague wing is a relatively more complex wing than the previous one with three bosses. 

Noth –

It is a decent fight that you have to strategically deal with multiple mechanics. All you need for the fight includes three tanks, mages, and druids. His blink calls more adds, so you have to keep killing them continuously by stopping the DPS and healing for some time.

Heigan –

You will require a few dancing skills to enjoy this fun fight. There are two phases that you have to pass through for 90 seconds and 45 seconds respectively. 

Loatheb –

This boss is simple to clear of being a DPS race. All the self-healing accessories like bandages, poison, healthstones are important in this fight. Since he has a poison aura, hence you have to use the Judgement of Light and Poison Cleaning totem if available.

Construct Quarter or Abomination Wing Guides

There are four bosses in this wing of which the first one can be the hardest than all of the previously mentioned bosses. 

Patchwerk –

This boss has single target damage that is whoever in your raid has the maximum health. For dealing with this damage, you must have enough tanks or health.

Grobbulus –

The tricky fight that you have to deal with because it will cause severe damage to all the targets within 10 yards.

Gluth –

It is a very simple fight with a requirement of only two tanks. You have to pull the boss near the door so that he is facing the door.

Thaddius –

This boss is a little confusing to deal with but once you get the mechanics, then you can fight with it straightforward. There are two phases that you have to complete for killing this boss.

Military Quarter or the Death Knight Wing Guides 

There are three bosses of this wing where the first two bosses are very difficult while the Four Horsemen is the place to get the ultimate bosses of Wow Classic. 

Razuvious –

It is very hard as the hitting damage caused by this boss is severe. You will need at least two priests for ensuring a constant mind-control tanking rotation.

Gothik –

It is the toughest fight where you will need well-equipped players to finish it in two phases. At least four priests are required to kill this boss.

The Four Horsemen –

This is a completely different kind of thing that you have to encounter with four bosses. So, you can very well assume the difficulty of this fight but the fact is each of them is not very strong. 

Sapphiron Wing Guide –

The final one includes Sapphiron and Kel’Thuzad. Sapphiron is not very difficult to deal with provided you have a lot of healers, frost resistance gears, and potions.

Kel’Thuzad is the final encounter after which you will the champion of Wow Classic Naxxramas. You have to complete three phases for that. The first phase will make you stand at the center with adds surrounding you, just wait and kill them as they start approaching you.

For the second phase, spread all the healer players around the room as Kel’Thuzad will start hitting as soon as he becomes active with deadly attacks.

When you successfully reduce his heal to 40% then the final or the third phase initiates. Here you have to deal with this giant boss along with the adds spread across the room.

You and your team have to try with their best capabilities to kill this final giant boss of Wow Classic.

The Final Words…

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