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WoW Classic Ahn' Qiraj - the War Effort!

The Ahn’ Qiraj war effort is a server-wide event that happened only once in vanilla, and is scheduled to happen again on July 28th in classic!

WoW Classic Ahn' Qiraj

The war effort is particulaly interesting because it involves each faction of each server working together to gather resources and complete objectives so that everyone can pass through the gates of Ahn' Qiraj and begin completing the content within!

This event spans across the world, and requires everyone from the most hardcore of guilds to the most casual of players across the server to band together and pool resources for the greater good. In the World of Warcraft lore, both the alliance and horde are required to farm resources such as cloth and leather and give them to NPCs to further the war effort and eventually be ready for an epic battle with the Qiraj, an evil faction of insectoids that are hidden away in the Silithus zone.

After the quests are all completed, and enough resources gathered, the gates of Ahn'Qiraj open and a huge epic battle ensues. Infamously, during the original opening of the gates in vanilla WoW, the servers could not handle all the action and it was unplayable for a lot of people. Hopefully this time Blizzard has not only a better idea of how much load the servers will take, but also better server technology (being more than fifteen years later!) to handle all the players, NPCs, and action!

WoW Classic Ahn' Qiraj

Basically, once the event goes live on the 28th, you need to consider these three points:

Get yourself to level 60

As self-evident as it may seem to most, make sure you are at the maximum level before the Ahn’ Qiraj event hits, or you won’t be able to accept any of the quests, do any of the prerequisite tasks, or contribute anything to the war effort cause.

Scepter of the Shifting Sands

This is a long questline that ends with a 10 hour long battle with the Qiraj at the gates, and holders of the Scepter will be able to obtain a special mount and title!

The War Effort

Once a guild has reached this stage in the questline, they can begin the war effort where everyone on the server can contribute. Once all supplies have been collected by both alliance and horde, you will see NPCs from your capital cities preparing to travel to Silithus. This will take five whole days, and you will notice that the supply stockpiles in your capital city will slowly diminish over these five days.WoW Classic Ahn' Qiraj

This event not only requires everyone to pool their resources in order to unlock the gates for general use, but the actual instances are rougher than previous content, and your character will surely benefit from better enchants, raid-specific gear upgrades, and consumables like potions and single use buffs. Everyone knows that the more money you have, the harder you can play. Just like in real life, the more gold you have in WoW classic, the better your experience is going to be moving through Ahn' Qiraj and beyond. I challenge you to take a look into buying WoW classic gold, and see how it affects your game for the better!

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