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Best Castle Nathria Raid Guide for Shadowlands: Release Date, Schedule, Bosses, Gold...

With a new expansion comes a new raid. With Shadowlands that means we’ll be heading into Castle Nathria. Let's get to know it now.

What is Castle Nathria?

Castle Nathria is the first raid in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. The Vampire-themed raid is located in Revendreth. It is the biggest castle in the zone, visible from a distance with a gargoyle on top. The exact location of the raid entrance is depicted on the map below.

What is the Release Date of Castle Nathria Raid?

Shadowlands raiding will open on December 8 in North America and December 9 in the EU. December 15/16 marks the opening of Mythic raiding and kicks off the world-first race, as well as starting Raid Finder/Looking for Raid difficulty for Wing 1.

Looking for Raid and Mythic raiders will have to wait a week until December 15th for their respective versions of Castle Nathria to unlock in World of Warcraft Shadowlands, though Looking for Raid fans should keep in mind their rollout will stretch into January. 

Notice: cross-server Mythic raiding will not open until the Hall of Fame fills with the top 100 raiding guilds to complete Castle Nathria for both Horde and Alliance factions.

What's the Unlock Schedule of Castle Nathria?

December 8: Normal and Heroic difficulties;
December 15: Mythic difficulty and Raid Finder Wing 1;
January 5: Raid Finder Wing 2;
January 19: Raid Finder Wing 3;
February 2: Raid Finder Wing 4.

How many Bosses in Castle Nathria?

The raid features 10 bosses, which are split into four wings, with some slight variations on which order you‘re able to take on each encounter.

1. Shriekwing – Tasked with guarding Castle Nathria's entry hall, the blind monster Shriekwing locates her victims with horrifying cries that reverberate off the chamber's walls.

After you defeat Shriekwing, you have a choice between two wings: Catacombs, which has the Huntsman, the Destroyer, and Lady Inerva; or Royal Quarters, where you can fight the Sun King’s Salvation, the Artificer, and Council of Blood.

2. Huntsman Altimor – Sire Denathrius seldom engages in the hunts himself, but Altimor makes certain the master has the finest beasts should he ever choose to indulge. Margore, Barghast, and Hecutis has been trained longer than most beasts have existed, and each is ready to deliver the Huntsman's wrath to any in his domain.

You must kill Altimor to unlock the Hungering Destroyer. He has only two abilities, and both require players to spread out. He summons three pets over the course of the encounter, which apply debuffs to the tanks, summon adds — including one that needs to be healed to full — and one that requires movement to kill, but movement causes damage to the raid.

3. Sun King's Salvation – In the sinister confines of Castle Nathria, souls are being tortured not to redeem their sins, but to amplify them. The prideful Prince Kael'thas has been burdened with the sins of others, and his pain and hatred are channeled to make him a powerful weapon. This has imperiled his soul like no other, and it must be saved--if only to keep it from being unleashed upon the Shadowlands.

This is primarily a healing fight for the first phase, in which healers top off his soul and the raid prevents monsters that are trying to damage him. In the second phase, he becomes unhealable until a shadow of his former self is defeated.

4. Artificer Xy'mox – Not everyone in Castle Nathria is loyal to Sire Denathrius. Some simply saw an opportunity and exploited it to their own ends. Artificer Xy'mox has worked with Denathrius but is mostly concerned with getting the better end of the deal, which may require the end of Nathria's invaders.

Xy’Mox is an evil Broker, killing him and Sun King’s Salvation are required to move on to the Council of Blood. He has a reasonably complex three-phase fight, with players dropping portals they can use to teleport across the room to avoid his mechanics, including mind-controlling adds, exploding seeds and a large guaranteed-death area of effect ability.

5. Hungering Destroyer – The devourers consume anima wherever they can find it. With drought afflicting the Shadowlands, it is no surprise that the hungriest and most dangerous of the devourers is drawn to the abundant store of anima here in the depths of Castle Nathria.

You must kill the Destroyer to move on to Lady Inerva. He’s a big anima giant, who will occasionally strike players with a debuff that makes them impossible to heal until other players stand next to them, soaking up their miasma and taking damage. He’ll cast lines of Volatile Ejections towards players that need to be avoided, and will attempt to suck them in and kill them.

6. Lady Inerva Darkvein – Anima fuels the Shadowlands, and Lady Inerva Darkvein seeks to unlock its mysteries. Under Denathrius's tutelage, she has learned insidious secrets to turn against his enemies. She will strip anima from Nathria's invaders and use it to shape a dark new future.

You have to drain the containers to keep her from becoming overwhelmingly difficult to beat. On Mythic difficulty, this is even more fun, because draining one container fills the others.

7. The Council of Blood – The Council of Blood presides over courtly functions in Revendreth. Castellan Niklaus is a strict military commander with an indomitable will and impenetrable armor. Lord Stavros, a foppish dandy, leads the court in dance but is also deadly with his blades. Baroness Frieda wields powerful anima magics and commands the dredger wait staff--along with the respect of the entire court.

You’ll face three bosses, and each time you kill one, the rest heal to full. But the truly unique part of this encounter is what happens when they hit 50% health: You’re required to participate in a (literal) dance with other NPCs. Do it successfully and get a haste buff. Fail, and you take damage (and get no haste, losing your buff) until you catch up.

Both the Catacombs bosses and the Royal Quarters bosses must be defeated before you can take on the final set of challenges in the Upper Spire.

8. Sludgefist – Sludgefist was born in the muddy foundation beneath Castle Nathria and now wanders the halls as he awaits orders from Sire Denathrius. His massive footsteps reverberate throughout the castle, announcing his arrival from several rooms away.

Sludgefist is a giant who occasionally links players together, race to get him dead before he performs an ability that kills the raid. He must be defeated to move on to the next part.

9. Stone Legion Generals – The ancient stoneborn generals, Kaal and Grashaal, have hounded the Prince Renathal's rebellion at every turn. Once they were General Draven's apprentice and mentor; now their strength, strategy, and soldiers have been unleashed against him and any who would defy the Sire's will.

In the first phase, you’ll fight Kaal on the ground while Grashaal hits the raid while aloft; in the second phase, they swap. In the final phase, you fight both together.

10. Sire Denathrius – For countless ages, Sire Denathrius stood among the Eternal Ones who rule the realms of Death. But in the Shadowlands' darkest hour, he has betrayed his sacred duty. With his bloodthirsty living blade Remornia at his side and defended by his most sychophantic loyalists, Denathrius will cut a swath through any who stand against him and cast their remains into the inescapable terror of the Maw.

In the first phase, you have to keep their stacks of Sin low, because he’s going to blast them to the edge of the room, where they’ll be slowed by those stacks and unable to use their abilities until they get back to the boss.

In the second, you’ll fight both him and his sword, and some pretty inconvenient adds. In the final phase, he starts to fill the chamber with blood-like Anima pools, meaning you must kill him before you run out of the room.

How to Make Gold With Castle Nathria Raid?

At this part, we’re going to talk about raid night stuff and what we actually going to be selling and crafting to make gold within the first rain night, which is Castle Nathria.

In the case of what you are going to be wanting to do is head over to the Darkmoon fair with your cooking character. Then you need to find the fishing vendor, and she actually sells a load of recipes: herb fillets, new feasts... These can give you the ability to set a great feast, and it restores 10 health over 10 seconds, more than that, it can give you a great versatility buff.

These are really nice and really easy to craft, and there are ones that based on percentage, that’s really helpful for raiders for the night. If you want to buy out all of these recipes, it will cost you 170 Darkmoon dagger more. (Or you can buy these easily at SSEgold.com.)After that you have to learn all of these recipes, don’t be concerned, you just have to learn the basic ones.

Then you just put them into TSM and start cooking. You may get shadowlands, buff food feasts...large meals. Once you set it at a Darkmoon, you can have an increase for these feasts in the group. Go to operations, then go to your crafting. If you want to make about 200 of the actual feasts, you need to go into your subgroup, close down the mount production one, and go down to cooking and press feasts for 200. When it comes to buff food, you can make a hundred of each. And finally, these groups for the Darkmoon are now going to be crafted and feasts and buff food. You should notice that these Darkmoon feasts are very handy.

Then we will go into fishing the actual price of Darkmoon daggermore. It’s about 6000 gold per hour, that’s really bad but very cheap, and really easy to get a hold of for us. It means you can craft some decently good feasts and give a decent buff. It’s a very quick way to get some decent gold after selling those for a profit. (Still, buying cheap wow gold can help you just  the same.)

Now, we are going over raid night stuff. If you go into your crafting parts, you can go into your TSM groups to select all of the groups that you actually need. If you got Alchemy one, just select it, because raid night stuff Alchemy pots always sell really well. The next thing is to leave off blacksmithing and click on cooking, select enhance for shadowlands so that you can always do your dual crafting because Gems get bought quite easily. By the way, Glyphs do sell, but you may want to craft them separately. 

Finally, Gems enchants Flasks and pots and cooking stuff, now you can press a restock, but it will cost you a lot of gold, it’s gonna cost you around 300 000 gold, for 1000 000 gold return. This is excluding the Darkmoon dagamore stuff. If you don’t have that much gold right now, you can buy them from ssegold, or you can try to make potions of agilityexorcism or other stuff that can make gold in-game. Even some herbs have dropped in price which can produce a profit, this process is quite time-consuming when you desperately need gold for a raid night. So my suggestion is: be prepared if you’ve got your crafting already set up.

Then you’ll get all the stuff you need, don’t forget to port over to the heart of the forest, a way that you can make a lot of gold from. Even on the first-rate night, you can make more than just a few hundred k, and if you are well prepared, maybe you can make over a million. 

I hope you like this guide, and I believe it is the best Castle Nathria Raid Guide for Shadowlands! Read it and be well-prepared! Gear up and enjoy the journey of Castle Nathria!