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Which race is better in the elder scrolls 5?

09/26/2017 下午

The elder scrolls 5 have 10 races: Men: Nord, Breton, Imperial, Redguard.
Elf: High, Elf, Wood, Elf, Dark, Elf, Orsimer.
Beast: Argonian, Khajiit.

All races in the elder scrolls have skill and talent, and they have a higher level of talent. There is also a passive ability and an active ability to use it once a day. Some races have other rewards, such as one more spell. In fact, the elder scrolls 5 game is very free, regardless of which race, you can choose whatever you like, play, after forming can be very strong. The choice of race for personal preference is mainly to make early life easier. The main theme of the plot is to influence some conversations, but it doesn't affect the task line.

Personally, I think the strongest, or my favorite race is the High Elf. They came from the Elven ancestral home to the Summerset Isles in the southwest of the mainland, a direct descendant of the progenitor elves and an heir to civilization. High Elf live longer than other races, has the highest magic and the most advanced civilizations, often see themselves as the most advanced in the world race.

Skill talent: +10 +5, illuin, change, destruction and restorer lines, will call
Passive ability: +50 magic value
Active ability: higher blood, mana regeneration within 60 seconds at 25 times
Extra spells: rookie Fury

This race is the only choice for a pure mage. All spells are gifted, and all abilities are related to magic. But basically mean that High must have at least Elf play spells have the advantage such as Mo Jianshi, summon the bow. 50 mana is not useful in the latter, but the middle and early stages can help you release spells other races can not afford. Initiative enables High Elf to become a race that can really destroy spells by the middle of the year without relying on enchant magic. The Department of destruction is very strong, the key is to practice the 40 level can be cooked, leveling magic and two hand impact, can almost beat any enemy.

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