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Which one is better in players’ face model of PES 2016 or FIFA 16?

Both or PES 2016 and FIFA 16 have been officially published. The annual football match has broken out. However, scores of FIFA 16 was lower from media.

IGN gave 9.5 points to PES 2016 and praised it as the top of its series of works. While it gave 7.8 points to FIFA 16, which is the lowest score among its series in the past decade. Does it mean FIFA decade?

Today, we don’t talk about gameplay of these two games. We focus on the facial model of PES 2016 and FIFA 16. Which one is better in your eyes? Let’s watch the below video!

FIFA 16 is more vivid from far seeing, while PES is more alike from near seeing. Which one is better, in my opinion, both of them are not vivid and alike. Of course, this is a joke. Below are some pictures to have a comparison between them.

High Resoluction Picture comparison :

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