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What should I know before playing the elder scroll online?

the elder scroll online skills
I believe that everyone is the just like me, we can not help ourselves when start playing in ‘ the elder scrolls online ’,because the playability of  the ESO is too high. So, what do we need to know before we play ESO?

1. Don't kill chicken. Chicken contains people's horizon on ancestral feelings, if you kill one of them, it is the desecration of skyrim all racial beliefs. 

2. There are many giants near the city on the mountain, they are ugly but very strong, do not provoke them, or they will attack you. 

3. The mammoth which are around the giant is their presicous animals. Do not attack them or you will regret this.

4. The upgrading system of the elder scrolls was based on skill rather than experience. In other words, a skill that you use much, that skill rises quickly. The upgrading of skills will promote the overall level of the role of ascension. 

5. Once the overall level of the role increases, the monster will become stronger accordingly.

6. if you only earn money through tasks, you'll never have enough money to buy your own house or a set of Dwemer armor. If you want to earn more eso gold , you have to go and see the people who are nice to you. Take everything they have --eso gold , food, clothes, weapons, etc, and sell them to traders. 

7. You will hear the veteran said: "Three god". It refers to the three life skills in the ESO, forge, Enchanting, and the magic of alchemy. These three cycle exercises can quickly make some divine equipment. The general process is usually to buy raw materials, forge daggers, and promote forging. And then to constantly enchant the magic, and then sell, with the sale of money to buy raw materials to do potions, enhance alchemy. The final step is to use full Alchemy to build the top enchant enhancement potion. After you drink it, you can equip it with enchantment, which will give you a very strong enchantment. Then it put the equipment brush out, will soon have the skills to brush. The specific post is on the homeless star. 

8.The elder scrolls online, there is no clear career differentiation. What you make of a person is basically based on your own preferences.