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What make Tera special and Unique ?

     The unique world of TERA is home to many different inhabitants. A combination of seven playable races, each with a different culture and history, and eight playable classes give you freedom to shape your own history, in a way that you choose.

1.Massive seamless world

    Explore an enormous world full of diverse terrain and beautiful landscapes, without loading screens and zone transitions. Explore open-world dungeons and fight roaming bosses.

2.Breathtaking visuals powered by Unreal Engine 3

    Feast your eyes on cutting-edge graphics never before seen in an MMO.

3.True Action Combat

    Keep a steady hand and know your arsenal, combat in TERA requires a quick finger and nuance on the battlefield, as most skills have to be aimed and can be dodged.

4.Groundbreaking Political System

    Players in TERA are able to run for election in the groundbreaking political system. Choosing a province or continent, players can make a move to take over the mantle of either a Vanarch, the ruler of a province, or Exarch, the ruler of a continent. Doing so will grant the player prestige, glory and power.

5.Colossal bosses

    The enemies in TERA range from small animals to giant, towering demons and monsters. Fighting those colossal creatures is a completely different experience!

6.Exciting PvP battles in the Battlegrounds

    Team up with a group of friends to battle other teams in organized battlegrounds. Prizes, glory and conquest awaits the most skilled warriors.

7.Social feature

    Advanced guild system, auction house, mounts, achievements... everything you can expect from a complete social MMO experience!

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