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Updates you may want to know about FFXIV Patch 4.3

FFXIV Patch 4.3: Under The Moonlight, is coming late May, 2018. While according to Naoki Yoshidas reaction on Producer Live Letter, the date could be May 22.

As is stated on its official page, coming new content includes main scenario, new raid Return to Ivalice, new dungeon The Swallows Compass, Cross-world Linkshells, Glamour Dresser, Guestbooks in Housing. From various sources so far about Patch 4.3x, SSEGOLD, a professional FFXIV gil seller, has collected more info during the Live Letter as following:




new MSQ (Doma story continued) 


sidequests including the Four Lords and [4.3x] Hildebrand 


Namazu beast tribe quests - crafting/gathering 


Doman Reconstruction side story 


1 new dungeon - The Swallow's Compass 

1-4 players

[Aiming for release at 4.30, but may be slightly delayed into 4.3x] Deep Dungeon 2 - Heaven-on-High 100 floors. Floor 31 and higher designed as high-end challenge for parties of 4. Floors 1-30 can be used for leveling from 61 to 70. The story will conclude at floor 30. Will involve new mechanics such as the "monster house" and "large room" from the Chocobo Dungeon games. Players will be able to use Magitek to do "Grand Summoning" - summoning Titan to wipe out a room, for example. Rewards will be substantial to make it attractive to players already at level 70. Mid- to hardcore 4-man content 


1 new trial (Normal and Extreme modes) - tied to the MSQ, not related to the Four Lords 


[4.31] 1 new Ultimate boss - The Minstrel's Ballad: The Weapon's Refrain - rewards will be glowing versions of old weapons.  (not designed by Kenji Sudo this time)

1-8 players

[4.35 or 4.36] Eureka update - Pagos Expedition with new gameplay elements such as something similar to "Happy Bunnies" from FFXII, for example. There'll be a weekly system to help players catch up. New gameplay elements 


Return to Ivalice raid - The Ridorana Lighthouse (with associated crafter/gatherer side story) Matsuno is working on the story, Amemiya has designed one boss. Loot system changes to the Alliance Raid: All Greed 


Frontline - Daily Campaign Rotation 


Feast HUD adjusted (display of opposing team's buffs/debuffs) 


Crystal Tower Training Grounds - Map Revised 


New Custom Deliveries client 


Guestbooks added, [4.3x]

Job Adjustments

DRK, SAM (purely a damage increase), AST. More details to come in next Live Letter. 


Cross-world chat rooms similar to linkshells - 64 people to start, but planned to be raised in future


Items converted into glamours can be reclaimed. Squadrons can use glamour dresser. Glamour plates saved to gear sets 


Performance Action updates - 5 new sounds, whistling animation, and feature to have sound continue while keys are held (or slowly fade out) 


normal raid roulette 


Companion app update (Free: chat with friends list, scheduler, inventory management, market board access. Premium: retainer and saddlebag management, saddlebag capacity doubled, additional retainer.)  Login bonuses


Unconfirmed for 4.3x (May or may not be included in 4.3x)




more levels, and they've mentioned considering pop-item or "entry key" NMs similar to FFXI and FFXIV 1.0 for Eureka. 


new Squadron dungeons added


Cross-world FC 

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