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ULTIMATE TEAM TIPS for Making Millions of FIFA 16 Coins

As you may know ultimate team is a large feature of EA's new release of FIFA 16. This game mode can be very frustrating. Constantly you come up against teams worth millions and millions of FIFA 16 coins and you are stuck with a cheap team.

FIFA 16 Coins

But how can you make millions of FIFA 16 coins? Well playing matches gets you an average of 500 coins. This means to reach 1 million FIFA 16 coins you could play 2000 games. Obviously to many of us, this is not possible. So how do these people have teams with millions of coins? Well firstly, they could have bought FIFA 16 coins. If you want to do this, you can buy FIFA 16 coins from our site - SSEGOLD. But there are other ways to make FIFA 16 coins.



The FUT draft is a new feature to FIFA 16. It allows you to use the best players for an entry fee of 15k. If you win 4 games in a row with that team then you can get up to a 100k pack. If you go out after 1 game you still get a small prize. 15k or 300 FP can be quite expensive for many of us, but there are ways to enter for free. All you have to do is to create a new account on your device. Every account comes with a free fut draft entry. However, you must bare in mind that each console has a create limit of 10 accounts, so be careful. However, this method can be very effective to make FIFA 16 coins.

Now the next way is to use your coin boosts. You can redeem these by entering the catalogue section of FIFA. This contains loan players, squad slots and even coins boosts. These mean you get some extra coins every game you play. Of course this is limited but if you are a high level in the catalogue, then you can get up to 50,000 FIFA 16 coins just by playing games of FIFA 16.

Another way is trading. Trading can be very complicated and tricky, but the methods are endless. SSEGOLD and some other sites such as YouTube, there are thousands of people teaching people to trade, but I'll give you an example of a method. The method is called sniping. This is when you select a player/s you want to buy FIFA 16 coins and try to buy them for cheap, by constantly refreshing your search filter. This is very easy once you get the hang of it. There have been cases where people have bought players like Ronaldo for 1 million coins cheaper. Obviously you need a large slice of luck, but if you do it for long enough then that luck will come.

Those are 3 ways you can join those people with millions of coins. But you could understandably not have time to do these. If not then you can buy FIFA 16 coins. Coins are cheaper than FIFA points and SSEGOLD is certainly the cheapest and most reliable site. If you want to get a million FIFA 16 PC coins in 5 minutes, this is the place to come.

Hopefully these methods have helped you out and will help you make coins. If you have more methods or ideas then let us know.

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