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Top 8 Reasons to Play Final Fantasy XIV Part 1

They are many reasons to play FFXIV, here I list 8 reasons for you!

Final fantasy game in a more fashion way.

Everything put in FFXIV which is putting in more fashion so it definitely attract a lot of people that are into FFXIV or that never heard about FFXIV but I just generally enjoy most. Now as a reason, I have been streaming and playing a lot of other final fantasy games and it ha been incredibel awesome to be able to talk to so many fans out there of games such as FF7 86, be able to play games such as Type-0. From little jingles to little sound effects, the game makes every now then. Whenever you do something from the original theme of the loading screen to the in-game music or the chocobo racing music whenever you are on right amount.

Mentor/ Novice System
Mentor system which was actually introduced recently in patch 3.2, the game is very friendly to new players and new comers to the game. And they decide to further increase that friendliness by allowing players to team up with the mentor. Mentor is a status that a player can earn after getting a lot of achievements, a lot of reasonable my treatments such as maximum of 60 on a 10 class and he will class DPS class maximum level on a crafter and a gatherer achievements, certain achievements for gathering or crafting certain things, and All that stuff that pretty much makes a player look more experienced. Everything the players should be aware of when it comes to FFXIV will be possibly able to get a mental status. The metro system introduces a way for new players to track with experienced players. So the veteran players can pass on the knowledge over to the new players. This new feature really helps out by adding more ways for the newcomers to feel more welcome to the FFXIV.

Class diversity
There is no such thing as dps, the only damage or every single. It is the same for very single tank. Every class in FFXIV has its own style, its own presence, its all purpose in a party or raid or whatever. It is absolutely awesome seeing. Definitely, some class will do better than others in certain situations, worse pick up a little aggro while powders can take a little more damage. And darkness have a little bit of both, except they have to manage a lot of the TP and resources. Every class has on ups and downs, but that is what makes it amazing. Every class has a uniqueness, too. Even the Machinist in a bar play the same support of this role to be miles different notation, how to perform, how to utilize their utilities. They be miles apart for one another, even though they fill the spot. One of the most exciting ways to introduce a font healer who literally makes RNG very entertaining to play.

Race Customization

Race customization in FFXIV is one of the favorite ones that I have ever seen. A lot of ways to customize your character for making a very rugged Road in two very feminine code to a very childlike in cheer looking LA felt. A lot more fair part is edition of the or erase. The heavens were just nailed it with this race. These guys the best way I can describe is that dragon people. It’s veru complementary to what a dragon would be. The male’s mostly look intimidating and most look very imposing. If you must look very elegant and pretty, it really differentiates the males and females for that race. All the races in FFXIV have some sort of lower, some sort of characteristics that makes them who they are. Customize your character is more of a personal thing, because you can go as far as game birthdate. FFXIV goes all out to make sure that you make your personal character for FFXIV. If you want to make a joke character, you are welcome to. But the players really care about the character really want to create a character in this universe, not just characters they play. It allows them this freedom to really customize the character that will exist in this jaunt living world.

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