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Tips for Blade & Soul Beginners Part 1

I want to point out some tips for Blade & Soul players in this guide. For one thing, players can save time on way power leveling; for another things, it helps players to avoid unnecessary damage.

1.Experiment With Skill Points

In Blade & Soul, skill points can change your character’s skill set dramatically. When reaching level 15, you can start to earn a single skill point for you to assign. However, before you can begin putting those points into good use, you have to get through Act 1, Chapter 17. For me, it is level 15 that I go to the Chapter 17, so you may have some extra points fiddle around with.

Skill points imbue most skills with a little effect like adding damage and healing properties. Moreover, some tress can change the skill into a different one entirely or bestow wonderful CC effects like, freezing, stun, airborne, knockdown and daze. Experiment as much as you with your skill tress as there is no consuming to rest your skill points. One simple change of a skill means a combo string which can last for 15 seconds.

2. Don't Miss Surveys and Daily Dash for Free Items

At every two levels or so (more space interval after level 18), you will get access to survey from Blade and Soul where you can answer a few questions and fill out a comment. Once completing, you can get some all sorts of healing items, unsealing charms to access rare equipment drops and keys to opening chests.

Don’s miss out any Daily Dash! You can get two spins from you moving anywhere from 1-6 spaces on the 100-space board every day. You are likely to pick free items very three or four steps. These items are considered to be quite rare. At the end, you will get a special item which is an awesome outfit in the opening mouth.

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